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Our Generous Donors

These generous companies, organizations, and people have donated their time and money to give kids in an unfortunate situation a chance to “be kids.” Without the donors on this page Camp Kesem JHU would not exist, and we would like to sincerely thank them and our many anonymous donors.


Johns Hopkins Faculty, Staff and Departments:

Dean Boswell

Johns Hopkins Student Life

Center for Social Concern

Johns Hopkins Student Organizations:

Alumni Student Association

Our Advisory Board




Panda (JHU Alumni)


Why I do this?

“Founding and being a part of the Camp Kesem JHU family was the most meaningful experience of my undergraduate years. The families, campers, and students I’ve interacted with have significantly impacted my own personal goals and professional aspirations – and my commitment towards Camp Kesem JHU will be lifelong.”

Beast (JHU Alumni)

kesem pic yoon

Why I do this?

Since I was continuing my graduate studies in the Baltimore area, I wanted to stay in contact with the CKJHU team and be available to offer guidance and support; we learned a lot from our experiences the first year, and I am excited to see how the camp will continue to evolve and grow, year after year!

Jellybeans (JHU Alumni)


Why I do this?

I’m on the Advisory Board because I LOVE Camp Kesem and couldn’t let go even after graduating.  Our campers are the best, and they have a permanent place in my heart.

Lil’ Red

Companies, Local Business and Others:

Giant Corporation


Sofi’s Crepes

Snowshoe Resort

Charles Theater  

Six Flags

Liberty Mountain 

Sotto Sopra 


Southern Maryland Blue Crabs 

Spro’s Coffee 


Brewer’s Art 

Sushi Hana at Towson 

Baltimore Ravens 

East Landmark Cinemas

Water for Chocolate

Historic Ships


Patisserie Poupon

Blue Hill Tavern

Generous Individual Donors:

Glenna Meyers
Elizabeth Likun Ding
Amy Magladry
Rena Counsello
Jae Kim
Edna Broas
Michael Finegan
Ben Park

Thank you for making camp possible :)