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Welcome to Camp Kesem at Iowa!



Thank you for everyone who helped with our community day with Chipotle! We raised $159.83! Thanks for everyone's support! 

Camper applications are open!!! Register your camper by clicking the link in the right hand corner, "Register a Camper"! Search for Iowa's session! 

#GivingTuesday was a huge success! We raised $828 in one day which is a great start to our first year! Thank you to everyone who helped us promote it and donate!


Camper applications will open January 15th! Camp Kesem at University of Iowa will be holding our first ever week of camp June 4-10 in 2017! It will be at Camp Little Cloud!

Contact Us: iowa@campkesem.org | 847.440.4688 | 308 E. Burlington PMB 139, Iowa City, IA 52240