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Introducing Rabbit and Dory!


Columbia College 2015

Major: Neuroscience and Behavior

Position: Admin Team 


Unlike many of the staff and counselors at Camp Kesem, I cannot admit to having dealt with cancer at a young age. In fact, I cannot remember a time in my youth when I was called upon to see a family member through the ups and down of medical treatment. I would be lying if I said that I have never taken this for granted. However, through my work at Camp Kesem I have learned to appreciate the gift that I have been given. I have come to see how lucky and blessed I have been to get the chance to experience such a carefree childhood. I owe many of my current successes to having had the opportunity to learn and grow without the burden of disease or death in the family. With this being said, I have realized that I have a duty to play my part in trying to give other children the chance to have as normal of a childhood as possible. What I lack in personal experience, I hope to make up by keeping an open mind, learning as much as possible, and attempting to be the best mentor possible despite my lack of connection to cancer.

I also see Camp Kesem as a rare privilege and opportunity to merge my passion for medicine and care for children into one unique experience. I look forward to the chance to influence the campers and also to be influenced and changed by both the campers and my fellow counselors. It is truly an honor to work for Camp Kesem and I cannot wait for August. Until then, stay cool and enjoy the weather!


Barnard College 2015

Major: Urban Studies

Position: Arts and Crafts Programming Coordinator


Hi CK fam- my name is Dory (Mallorie Thomas by birth), I’m from Miami, FL. I’m a junior at Barnard College studying Urban Studies with a specialization in Sociology.  This is my second year with Camp Kesem Columbia as the Program Counselor for Arts & Crafts, and I am BEYOND excited to be reunited with old faces, and meet some new ones! I’m particularly excited for this summer’s theme- TIME TRAVEL (and s’mores-of course)! Get ready to make some neat gadgets in Arts & Crafts to help you navigate through time and space! Counting down the days until camp!!

Can’t wait to see you all,