Introducing Pup! (With a series of haiCKus!)


Columbia College 2014

Major: Mathematics

Position: Cabin Counselor


Hello! I’m Bernard.
But at camp, my name is Pup.
How’s it going guys!
I go to the school
Columbia, majoring
In mathematics
I just finished my
Junior year. One year to go!
The real world too soon…
I applied to be
A 2012 counselor
Because of a friend
And applied to be
A counselor this summer
For dat #CKlove
At my first year as
A camp counselor, I was
Nervous about camp
But when I got there,
Everyone was super nice,
With smiles all around
And all the campers
Were fun and compassionate,
And hyper and brave,
And creative and lively,
And inspiring.
When I think about
Columbia’s Camp Kesem,
I think of all the
Friends I made at camp
Last summer that I can’t wait
To hang with again.
And this coming year,
I’ll be meeting new campers
And making new friends.
What’s CK to me?
Meeting some awesome people
And just having fun!

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