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Introducing CK Emory Counselor, Wobbles!!!


As promised in the last post, we’ve finalized our CK Emory counselor roster for this summer and let me tell you, it’s AWESOME! First up is Wobbles.

 Wobbles1. What’s your Camp Kesem name? Wobbles

2. Year in school? Freshman

3. Major? Undecided

4. Hometown? Atlanta, Georgia

5. How did you hear about Camp Kesem and what made you want to get involved?
I’m pretty sure I heard about Camp Kesem at one of the activity fairs at the
beginning of the year, and it’s purpose really connected with me, I love working
with kids, and it just sounded like a great group. Plus once I went to the first
events, I saw how nice everyone was and saw that this was just a great group of

6. For an interested new family, why do you think they should send their child to CK Emory?
We have an amazing team of counselors and directors who are extremely dedicated
to the camp and have been preparing for the camp for months. I know that the camp
will be a wonderful experience for everyone.

7. Whose is your favorite superhero?
I’d say Smurfs are close enough to being superheroes!

8. What’s your favorite candy? M&Ms

9. What’s your favorite food? Fish Tacos

10.What do you enjoy doing during your free time?
I love playing mindless games like Snake, Tetris Battle, or Bejeweled.

Be sure to check back next week for another counselor spotlight!

CK love,