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Introducing CK Emory Counselor, Pops!!!

Pops_CK Emory1. What’s your Camp Kesem name? Pops

2. Year in school? Sophomore

3. Major? Philosophy

4. Hometown? Sarasota, Florida

5. How did you hear about Camp Kesem and what made you want to get involved?
One of my brother’s friends from home is very involved in Camp Kesem’s University of Florida Chapter. He told me about the amazing experiences he’s had so far working with the camp and encouraged me to join. I saw a flyer for Camp Kesem Emory and the rest is history!

6. For an interested new family, why do you think they should send their child to CK Emory?
CK Emory will be an unforgettable and meaningful week, the emphasis being on having a great time. Each camper will come away from the experience with new friends, a new feeling of confidence and great camp stories.

7. Whose is your favorite superhero? 
Spiderman! I remember seeing the first movie as a kid and pretending I could shoot webs and climb buildings for months after.

8. What’s your favorite candy?

Ohh, that’s tough. I’ll have to say Reese’s. It’s hard to beat chocolate and peanut butter.

9. What’s your favorite food?

I love sushi. I’m up for trying just about any kind.

10.What do you enjoy doing during your free time?
I love to read, be outdoors, write, play and listen to music, play sports, and be with friends and family.


Be sure to check back next week for another counselor spotlight!

CK love,