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Introducing Captain Cabbage and Reptar!

Captain Cabbage

Columbia College 2014

Major: Economics and Psychology

Position: Adventure and Team Building Program Coordinator


Is there anything out there that could be better than camp? In my 21 years of life, I still have not been able to find an event, an activity, an object – ANYTHING that can dethrone the massive amount of positive emotions and feelings that I get from camp. Although this will be my first year being a part of Camp Kesem, camp has been with me in the form of WASC Leadership Camps in which I was a camper for 6 years and counselor for 2! Right before the campers arrived during my first year as a counselor, I received the most important piece of advice I could have gotten: “It’s all about the kids.” And indeed, no matter what happens during the week personally, whether it be sleep deprivation, no one laughing at my jokes, or homesickness, I know that as long as I can give it my 110% during the week to ensure the BEST WEEK EVER for all the campers… then I can’t ask for anything more. Why do I love camp? How can I not love a week’s worth of icebreakers, team-building, outdoor activities, family, songs, skits, support and love? And the best part of it isn’t that I love it, it’s that I can make the campers fall in love with it too.

I Kesem because if I can bring the magic of camp to even ONE person, then I will have started a domino effect. The great thing about camp is that it can’t ever be contained; camp will always follow those who believe in it. Camp is a place where everyone can be themselves… to the fullest extent possible and I take it as a personal mission to make sure everyone is in their comfort zone. I can’t wait for camp! I can’t wait to KESEM!



Columbia College Class of 2015

Major: Biology and Anthropology

Position: Cabin Counselor


Hi everyone! My Camp Kesem name is Reptar. This will be my first time going to Camp Kesem; I can’t wait to get there in August! I will be a cabin counselor and I am thrilled to help make a difference in these kids’ lives by providing them with a fun, upbeat camp experience. From babysitting to lifeguarding, I’ve always enjoyed taking care of others and participating in active, exciting activities with kids. Our campers have grown up quickly, but between arts and crafts, sports, and other fun things, they have a chance to be kids again. I Kesem because I want to help provide these kids with the carefree experience that they deserve, whether through a game of kickball, a friendship bracelet-making session, or a campfire with gooey s’mores! I know from personal experience that camp memories last a lifetime; I’ll never forget the awesome games and activities I got to participate in or the close friendships I formed throughout my years at summer camp. I am unbelievably excited to have so much fun with all of our campers in August and create camp memories to last forever!