Meet the CKIU Team

The 2013-2014 CKIU Coordinator team is comprised of 13 dedicated, hard-working Indiana University students who work year round to put on the week of camp.  Learn some more about our team below.

2013-2014 Coordinator Team



Kristen Elfering

Camp Name: Crush


My name is Kristen Elfering and I am a senior majoring in Management and Marketing with a minor in Music. I am originally from Lake Zurich, IL but decided to attend IU because of the business and music programs here at IU and of course the beautiful campus. I became involved with Camp Kesem because of a past counselor who lived in my hometown and I haven’t left since! This organization has been the best addition to my college experience. I have met so many wonderful people through it who have become my best friends and my second family.

 CK picture

Maxine Laszlo

Camp Name: Honey


Hello Kesem-lovers! I am a junior originally from Evansville, IN, but I made the trek up north to IU to study Nonprofit Management and Resource Development/Fundraising in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). I learned about Camp Kesem from a previous Co-Director who said the organization made her college experience, and that I had to become a member. Thank goodness I listened, because I am so thankful to have found such as supportive family here across Southern Indiana. I’m ecstatic to return to camp 2014 and see all of our smiling campers!


Camper Care

Abi Yates

Camp Name: Kitty



Lindsey Gardiner

Camp Name: Waves


My name is Lindsey Gardiner and I’m a Junior studying Psychology with minors in Spanish and Chemistry.  I’m from Columbus, Ohio but decided to come to IU become of my love for the big 10, the great programs, and the beauty of the campus year round.  I got involved with Camp Kesem because some friends could not stop raving about how amazing camp is and how life changing being a counselor was.  Everything they said was completely accurate and I could not be happier with my decision to join Camp Kesem.


Gabe Hoffman

Camp Name: Maverick


My name is Gabe Hoffman and I am a senior majoring in Elementary and Special Education.  I am from Indianapolis, IN and I decided to attend IU because of its outstanding School of Education and it isn’t too far away from home.  I was told about Camp Kesem by a friend in one of my classes sophomore year, and I am thrilled to be participating in my third year as a member of the organization.  It’s an incredible organization and the kids are so inspiring I fell in love with CK the first day I was at camp my sophomore year.  I am thrilled to be a new member of the coordinator team in 2013-2014.


Morgan Gozdecki

Camp Name: Ruby


Hi there! My name is Morgan “Ruby” Gozdecki and I am currently a Junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Policy Analysis and Communications. I was born and raised a Hoosier – I grew up in Schererville, Indiana with a long line of Indiana University alumni, so coming to IU was a given. I heard about Camp Kesem from a fellow counselor and I instantly fell in love with the organization. Camp Kesem has helped me become the best version of myself and for that I will be forever thankful. I look forward to a fun, successful year and I am so excited to work with such a talented team of student volunteers. So much CK love!


Michael Dempsey

Camp Name: Shammy


Make the Magic

Eric Cervantes

Camp Name: Hashtag (#)


Hey! My name is Eric “Hashtag” Cervantes and I am a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in International Studies. I am from Indianapolis, IN and I attend IU because of the great school of international studies and the great community of Bloomington. I am in Kesem thanks to Honey and I can easily say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I am super excited to be a co-coordinator for Make the Magic this year as I continue Kesem into my 2nd year.  This is going to be an awesome year for Camp Kesem at IU!


Jordan Schutz

Camp Name: Boomer


My name is Jordan “Boomer” Schutz and I am a junior majoring in Human Biology and minoring in dance and psychology. I am originally from Evansville, IN and chose to attend Indiana University because of the great science program, big ten atmosphere, and can’t forget, the gorgeous campus. I heard about camp through an alum from my hometown and got involved with the fundraising committee my freshman year. Joining Camp Kesem was the best decision I made coming into college and I cannot picture myself without the friendships and memories that I have made thus far, and will continue to make with the years to come.


Steve Jastrow

Camp Name: Hobbes


My name is Steve Jastrow and I am a senior from Napervile, Illinois.  I am a Sport Marketing and Management major with minors in Business and Informatics.  This upcoming year will be my 4th and final year with CKIU and I have to admit it has been one of the most important parts of my life since I joined.  I first got involved with CKIU when a friend of mine said that it was the best decision they made during their time at IU.  I couldn’t agree more, as it has been the best decision I have made as well.  I look forward to my last camp in 2014 and am already counting down the days until the best week of the year!


Rachel Boorom

Camp Name: Buttercup


Hey everyone! My name is Rachel Boorom and I am a senior Human Biology major and French, Chemistry, and Psychology minor. I’m from Crystal Lake, IL and decided to come to IU for the great science program and the beautiful campus! I love playing tennis, cooking, watching musicals, and basically doing anything outdoors. This is my third year being involved with Camp Kesem and my first as a coordinator and I am so glad that I was encouraged to check out Kesem my sophomore year because it has been an incredibly rewarding experience that has had a huge impact on my life. The campers and counselors are some of the awesomest, most inspirational people I know and make me so grateful to have CK in my life. I am so excited to be helping make another year of Kesem magic happen and can’t wait to see what CKIU will accomplish this year!

Student Support

Alex Browning

Camp Name: Toast


Hi! I’m Alex Browning, but everyone at camp calls me Toast! I’m a junior majoring in Art Education. I’m from Zionsville, IN but on campus you can find me working at the IU Auditorium or rowing out on Lake Lemon. Camp Kesem has been my life and my family for the past two years and it’s time for me to give something back. Spice and I have so many fun things planned for student support this year and we want you to be part of it! Please contact one of us if you want more information about the organization.


Victoria Zupnik

Camp Name: Spice


My name is Victoria “Spice” Zupnik and I am a Junior at Indiana University majoring in Health Administration with a minor in Human Resources. I am from Downers Grove, Illinois and I got involved with Camp Kesem from my friend Morgan Gozdecki my sophomore year! I am so excited to be a volunteer coordinator this year and to experience camp with such amazing people. I am so lucky and thankful that I have found this organization that really shows me the magic in life! Looking forward to a magical year and CK 2014!



  • Mike Abrams
  • Gena Asher-Watts
  • Laura Barth
  • Julie Bowman
  • Michelle Combs
  • Julia Fox
  • Matt Harvey
  • Danielle Jonas
  • Amanda Pierce
  • Janice Ross
  • Jennifer Yates