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How One Young Girl’s Dream Made a Difference

What happens when one young person wants to make a difference? Jill Sammons, the daughter of one of Camp Kesem’s corporate donors, decided she wanted to contribute to Camp Kesem as well, but don’t let her young age of 10 fool you. Her dream? To raise $300 by creating and selling 60 luminaria bags. The reality? 250 bags and $1,250 toward Camp Kesem. Jill has experienced the magic of Camp Kesem, the way people are compelled to join this cause, and she saw these bags end up in 18 different states!

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Jill, on behalf of Camp Kesem we cannot thank you and your family enough. Thank you for having a dream, and thank you for making that dream come true for so many children in tough situations. What a way to spread holiday cheer!