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Meet our Team

2014-15 Camp Kesem GW Executive Board

Putting camp together takes a lot of hard work, but our 14-member Executive Board works tirelessly all year round to make it possible!

Chapter Directors

Brittany Harvey, a.k.a Nom Nom

Hi there! My name is Nom Nom and this is my second year as one of Camp Kesem GW’s Chapter Directors and I couldn’t be more excited to lead the charge with Tinkerbell! I am a senior, majoring in Public Health, from a small town in Massachusetts. When I’m not concocting plans for extra mac n’ cheese at camp or dreaming of ways to make messy games even messier, you can find me iggling, wiggling, and giggling around campus and throughout DC! I can’t wait to make my 4th year of Kesem the best yet!

Sydnee Fielkow, a.k.a Tinkerbell

Hello, Camp Kesem! I’m Tinkerbell and this year I’ll be serving as a CKGW Chapter Director with the fabulous Nom Nom! This is my fourth year with Camp Kesem and my third year on our Executive Board. I’m a senior from Houston, TX studying psychology and criminal justice. My favorite camp song is a tie between 60s Party and Ride That Pony. I wish every day was messy games and we could always wake up to admin singing and dancing! I’m thrilled to get to work with Camp Kesem for another year!


Development Team

Katie Czech, a.k.a. Clementine

Hello everybody! My name is Clementine, and if there’s one thing I love more than eating lots of clementines, it’s working with Camp Kesem. Merida, Kit-Kat, and I are ready to raise the funds to send 100 campers to camp this year, and we couldn’t be more excited! I’m a sophomore at GW, and after coming back from my first ever Camp this summer, I knew I couldn’t stay away. I’m thrilled to be on Development, and I can’t wait to see all the campers’ smiling faces this summer! CKGW <3

Katelyn Weissman, a.k.a. KitKat

Hey guys and gals! I’m Kit Kat, a freshman at GW and this is my first year being involved in Camp Kesem! I am so PUMPED! I’m from the western  suburbs of Chicago and my favorite hobbies include eating and sleeping. Netflix is also a love of mine. I’m so excited to start working with Clementine and Merida on Development and planning Share the Magic!

Abbie Martin, a.k.a. Merida

Hey everybody! My name is Merida. I’m a sophomore studying International Affairs and Human Services. I am originally from Slinger, Wisconsin, so I’m a loud and proud Packer’s (and cheese) fan. When I’m not FUNdraising or planning Arts and Crafts activities for CK (for the second year), I love to volunteer at Centronía and Playworks, watch Frozen an excessive amount of times, and sing “Love is an Open Door” with my favorite duet partner, my younger sister Nora. My biggest hero in life is my mom, who I cannot live without speaking to everyday. I wish I was still at camp, so I am counting down the days until CKGW 2015!

Operations Team

Nicole Auletta, a.k.a. Lilo 

Oh hey everyone! My name is Nikki, but you can call me Lilo. I am a senior from New Jersey majoring in Accounting. This is my second year with Camp Kesem and I am SO excited to be on the Operations Committee for CKGW this year! When I’m not doing inventory of camp supplies and organizing fun camp activities with my partner-in-crime, Scooby Doo, you can definitely find me either in my second home (3rd floor Gelman) or eating at Farmers Fishers Bakers. Can’t wait to make Camp this summer the glitteriest one yet!

Brian Dab, a.k.a Scooby-Doo 

G’day mates, my name is Brian but you can call me Scooby Doo! I am a senior studying Political Science and Psychology, originally from sunny Los Angeles, California. This will be my second year with Camp Kesem GW, and I could not be more thrilled to be working as an Operations Coordinator with my amazing partner in glitter, Lilo! I am currently interning at a PR firm and hope to work be working there after I graduate in May. When I’m not interning or writing a paper, I love cooking, traveling, watching TV, and trying new restaurants in DC! I know this year is going to be a great success and I can’t wait till CKGW 2015!

Public Relations Team

Laura Almonacid, a.k.a Pebbles 

Yabba Dabba Dooozie CK family! My name is Pebbles a sophomore from Connecticut majoring in International Affairs. This is my second year on e-board for Camp Kesem GW. I worked with family outreach last year but am so excited to be a part of the PR committee this year with Strawberry!  When I’m not in a coffee shop posting and tweeting camp pictures, you can find me with some books and a pint of Ben&Jerry’s Ice cream. I am so excited to see what amazing things we will accomplish this year and can’t wait to spread the magic of Camp Kesem to new and deserving families. I hope you’re ready to get loose, get funky, and get messy.. I’m already counting down the days!

Hannah Price, a.k.a Strawberry 

Hey there everyone! I’m Hannah, but you can call me Strawberry! I’m a freshmen originally from Eden Prairie, MN, studying International Affairs and Chinese. I am thrilled to be spending my first year on the Camp Kesem Executive Board as one of the PR Coordinators along with Pebbles! I can tell this is going to be a great year full of amazing events with amazing people. When I’m not posting on social media, I am either reading at the Lincoln Memorial, watching Netflix, or baking delicious goodies. I couldn’t be more pumped to meet all of our wonderful campers this summer at the best and sweetest CKGW yet! 

 Volunteer Team

Michaela Rosen, a.k.a. Butterfly 

Hey, hey, hey, Camp Kesem GW enthusiasts! Butterfly is ready to spread her wings and fly as Volunteer Coordinator! I am a sophomore double majoring in Political Science and Communications. My caterpillar roots are in Massachusetts and now my butterfly being is happy to be in DC. When I’m not rounding up counselors and preparing them for the best week of summer, you can either find me on Capitol Hill, the 6th floor of Gelman Library, or cocooned in my bed!  This is my second year as a part of Camp Kesem and I can not wait to kesem the year away with my amazing co-counselor Squid!

Brenden Maag, a.k.a. Squid

Hey guys, the name’s Squid! I can’t wait to bring all of our new Counselors into the CK family as Volunteer Coordinator! I am a Junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering- PreHealth! I grooved over from the California coast to live it up in DC and am excited to be working with my phenomenal co-chair, Butterfly, to bring even more Magic to Camp Kesem this summer. While I am not busy finding new  GW students who love camp, you can see me enjoying the DC outdoors, working at the GWU hospital, or headed to Ben’s Chili Bowl! I am so excited to bring more magic to families this year through Camp Kesem and can’t wait to find the people who will help make it all happen!


Family Outreach Team

Andrew Lautz, a.k.a. Tigger 

Hi Camp Kesem GW! My name is Tigger and I’m an Outreach Coordinator with Toucan Sam. When I’m not bouncing through the Hundred Acre Woods on my days off, I’m studying Political Communication at GW and enjoying the great city of Washington, D.C.! I’m originally from Connecticut, New Haven-style pizza and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee are some of my favorite things. This is my third year with Camp Kesem GW, and my favorite parts of camp are Capture the Flag and meal time. I can’t wait to see our returning families at reunions and meet new families throughout the year!

Rachid Erekaini, a.k.a. Toucan Sam 

Hello CKGW! My name is Toucan Sam, but you can call me Toucy. I am a Political Science and S’mores Studies double major from sunny Seattle. This will be my first year on e-board and I couldn’t be more excited! When I’m not interning or studying the intricacies of a s’more, you can probably find me honing my capture the flag skills. Tigger and I will be busy all year registering campers and planning our awesome camp reunions. We’re going to give it our all to make this the best CKGW yet!

Teen Programming & Counselor in Training

Cole Ettingoff, a.k.a. 

Hey there crew! It’s my pleasure to welcome all of our Teen Campers and CITs to Camp Kesem 2014. I’m from Memphis, TN and I’ve worked with a bunch of different summer camps and retreats but couldn’t be more excited to be apart of the Camp Kesem team. I love the outdoors and am excited to spend some time outside with our teens. If you’re headed to Teen Camp this summer, get ready to play hard, get dirty, and have a blast!