Our Staff

2013-14 Camp Kesem GW Executive Board

Putting camp together takes a lot of hard work, but our 14-member Executive Board works tirelessly all year round to make it possible!

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Chapter Directors


Ryan Carey-Mahoney, a.k.a. Dunkaroo (left)

 Are you ready for a snack attack, caterpillars? It’s Dunkaroo here ready to lead this motley crew of committees to a CK victory! Along with the notoriously perfect Nom Nom, we are ready to help plan, fundraise, and support all our incredible families in the BEST YEAR YET! Last year, I served on the Camper Care (now Family Outreach) and loved it so much I had to come back for more. A little about me, I am Journalism and Mass Communication major, Boston native, and lover of Indian Food, the TV show Adventure Time, and Color Wars. Without a doubt, CKGW is my family and I couldn’t love it more if I tried. Raise High the Blue and Green!

Brittany Harvey, a.k.a. Nom Nom (right)

Hello Kesem enthusiasts! I’m Nom Nom and I can’t even begin my express my excitement that I get to work with the one and only Dunkaroo as one of Camp Kesem GW’s Chapter Directors! Last year, I had a blast FUNdraising and I just couldn’t get enough! I am a junior from the faraway land of Massachusetts lovin’ life and majoring in public health. When Dunk and I aren’t brainstorming ways to fix the little red wagon, you’ll find me frolicking through campus, sailing across the Potomac with my rick-a-bamboo and sharing the magic of Camp Kesem everywhere I go! Can’t wait to help CKGW soar to new heights (with, of course, more pudding)!




Brian Barlow, a.k.a. Chief (left)

My name is Brian Barlow sometimes I go by Chief. I am an Oklahoma Native from the small town of Tahlequah, located in the foot hills of the great Ozark Mountains. I love to hike and fish and camp and live! If I could, I would live at camp all year long, and have spaghetti night every night. I can’t wait to be a councilor at Camp Kesem and meet all of my future awesome campers. I am one of the three development chairs, and we are going to send one hundred campers to camp this summer!  #raisehigh

Stephanie Brennan, a.k.a. Boo (middle)

Hi, my name is Boo and I’m a senior majoring in English! I got a free s’more from the people at the Camp Kesem table when I was a freshman and haven’t been able to stay away since. This is my fourth year on the Executive Board and my third year raising funds as a Development Coordinator! I also love to sing, dance, read, and steal snacks from the CKGW office. “Today’s beautiful! You’re beautiful! Do something beautiful and donate!”

Abbie Martin, a.k.a. Merida (right)

Hey everybody! My name is Abbie or Merida at camp. I’m a first year GW student and have already fallen in love with DC! I am originally from Slinger, Wisconsin, so I’m a loud and proud Packer’s fan. When I’m not fundraising, I am volunteering at 826DC, tour guiding potential GW students, or talking to one of my many family members. I am so excited  for camp and can’t wait for CKGW 2014!




Nicole Auletta, a.k.a. Lilo (left)

Oh hey everyone! My name is Nicole, but you can call me Lilo. This is my first year with Camp Kesem and I am SO excited to be on the Operations Committee for CKGW this year! I am a junior from New Jersey (I know, I know…so typical a GW student from NJ) majoring in accounting and minoring in public health. When I’m not doing inventory of camp supplies and organizing fun camp activities with my partner-in-crime, Nutella, you can definitely find me either in my second home (3rd floor Gelman) or eating at Farmers Fishers Bakers. Can’t wait to make this summer the best year of camp yet! #GoCKGW

Rachel Getzenberg, a.k.a. Nutella (right)

Oh, hi there. My name is Rachel or Nutella. This is my fourth year being part of the magic that is Camp Kesem, but my first year as an Operations Coordinator. I am a senior majoring in Psychology and hope to attend medical school after I graduate. I love baking, reading, and planning camp, of course. I can not wait to spend all year keseming with my fantastic co-coordinator, Lilo. I know this is going to be a great year with my Camp Kesem family and we will make even more wonderfully camp-filled memories.


Public Relations


Alexandra Hire, a.k.a. Belle (right)

Hey y’all my name is Belle and I’m so excited to get my head out of my book and get started on this adventure called Camp Kesem.  I’m so enthusiastic to be working on the Public Relations team this year.  This is my third year  at camp after being program counselor for Nature and Adventure and Dance and Drama the past two summers.  I love my Disney music, taking adventures around the world and practicing my salsa dancing.  Get ready for some mad CK loving while my Co-Chair, Remy and I, send out magic messages all year long.

Shobha Jagannatham, a.k.a. Remy (left)

Hey friends! My camp name is Remy, but unfortunately I can’t make a mean ratatouille like my namesake. I’m a sophomore from the beautiful Thousand Oaks, California majoring in biological anthropology. When I’m not with my CK family, you can find me rocking out to Disney music, adventuring around DC, or scarfing down chicken at Nandos! As a member of the PR team, I will be spamming the world with my CK love along with my lovely Co-Chair Belle! This is my first year at Camp Kesem and I’m so excited for the madness to begin!




Shailly Gaur, a.k.a. Bumblebee (left)

Hi all, my name is Bumblebee and I am so excited to be a Volunteer Coordinator with my favorite lioness, Nala! I am a senior from a small town in Northeast Pennsylvania majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. When not doing all that science-y stuff or transforming to save the world, you can find me reliving camp with all my fellow counselors (camp songs and s’mores all day every day)! I can’t wait for another great year with Camp Kesem GW, recruiting the best of the best to be camp counselors and preparing for a week of CrAzY Kesem-ness.  See you all at camp!

Alexandra Blackwell, a.k.a. Nala (right)

Hello! Nala, here. I am a senior majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Global Public Health and a double minor in Arabic and Religion. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I now call the District home. When I’m not running through the jungle with my animal friends, I’m singing camp songs and making friendship bracelets with my CKGW buddies. This is my third year as a part of Camp Kesem and I can’t wait to start supporting our students and rounding up new fantastic counselors with my Co-Coordinator, Bumblebee!


Family Outreach


Laura Almonacid, a.k.a. Pebbles (right)

What’s poppin’ Camp Kesem?!?! Super excited to meet all of you campers! I’ve only heard great things.You’re probably wondering who I am and this first sentence screams nothing but NEWBIE. I’m Pebbles a Freshman from teeny tiny Bethel, Connecticut, majoring in International Affairs and your new Family Outreach Co-Chair! I’m legally blind (not really but I should be), am infatuated with Bacon Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwiches, and am pretty darn good at impersonations. I hope to see and bond with all of you at our reunions this year!

Max Steininger, a.k.a. Biggie (left)

My name is Max, but you can call me Biggie! I’m a senior majoring in political science with a minor in making s’mores. I come from a home where the buffalo roam in the great state of Iowa and enjoy spending my time in Washington, D.C. now. Most importantly though, I love going to Camp! My favorite parts are the ropes course, outdoor and adventure time, and the campfires. I’m excited for another great year at Camp, and I hope you are, too!


Teen Programming


Meredith McGrath, a.k.a. Zamboni

Hi, I’m Zamboni! When I’m not wrangling teens and molding them into fine young leaders, I’m catering to the stars at the 930 club and merriweather post pavilion! I live love music and the rich, vibrant culture of Washington, D.C.! I’m always cracking jokes, but I take my teens and CITs very seriously! (Unless we’re making videos, then let the silliness run wild)!