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Giving the Gift of Camp Kesem This Holiday Season


The end of the semester is fast upon us, and we here at CK Columbia are really feeling the holiday cheer. Yesterday began the first day of a week of fun times at Barnes & Noble. Every year, during the holiday season, Barnes & Noble provides free gift wrapping for their customers. Guess who’s wrapping those gifts this week? That’s right, we are at 82nd and Broadway! So far we have wrapped up many books (go figure), a mini keyboard, a notepad set, a cookie jar, and much more! It was really interesting to see what books and knick knacks New Yorkers were getting their loved ones for the holidays. At the end of the night, we get to keep all of the tip that we make, and last night, we made over $100! It just goes to show how much people empathize with our cause, and we are SO grateful for it! Every little bit counts towards making Camp Kesem 2013 the best experience possible. So, if you have time, stop by at Barnes & Noble this week, buy a book or two, and come find us to get them wrapped!

Stay warm, folks!