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Counselor Spotlight: Bambi

 ashleyName: Ashley

Camp Name: Bambi

Major: Biology

Hi, I’m Ashley and I joined Camp Kesem because I hate cancer. I especially hate that it tears families apart and makes kids deal with very adult concepts, like death and being scared of losing the people you love. And since I want to be there for the kids whose parents’ have or had cancer, I joined the only camp out there for these kids. A camp that makes these kids feel like they’re not alone, and that gives them a chance to be kids and have fun. I have watched family and friends deal with the effects of cancer. Death, pain and loss are scary, but having someone to care about you is a huge help.

I’m a sophomore at FSU and have plans to become a Physician’s Assistant. I love to play piano. I really love reading (my favorite books of all time are the Harry Potter series). And even though I never got to go to summer camp as a kid, I spent plenty of summers climbing trees and running around the woods barefoot with my younger brother and the neighborhood kids. I love Disney, which is apparent, since my camp name is “Bambi”. Most of all, I love kids and their ability to see things that adults sometimes cannot see. I can’t wait to meet the kids coming to our camp this summer and to create memories with them that will last forever.