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Friday Update!

Our last full day at camp means one thing.  COLOR WARS!  Each unit is associated with a color, which means that each unit is decked out in their respective color!  Messy games was today, unlike last year when we used food items, we decided to use paint instead!  Boy did that go along well with the color wars, everyone was a multitude of different colors.


To end the night and a wonderful week at camp we had our talent show and then dance.  A lot of great acts performed showcasing their special talents, which led right into the dance portion of our night.  The teens did a great job at decorating the room and finding a fun playlist of songs.  Everyone had a great night, and we are sad to say that it will be the last night of camp until next year!


Thank you for sending your kids to camp this year and we hope you come back next year!! It’s been a pleasure getting to know them, and hope that they come back home with some amazing memories that last a lifetime!