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Founding Camp Kesem Indiana University

Founder Sigall Rave shares the story of starting Camp Kesem at Indiana University:

“My motivation for starting a chapter of Camp Kesem at Indiana University began as I watched my older sister, Iris, create the foundation of this tremendous organization. Iris had begun building Camp Kesem National a few years earlier, and when I started college, I decided to create CKIU in order to help to expand her organization. While I initially wanted to start the chapter to support Iris’ work, I also felt deeply connected to the mission of the organization in many ways. While building CKIU, a close friend of mine was struggling with his mother’s cancer diagnosis. While I tried to support him, I could only imagine how difficult that experience must be for the young children served by Camp Kesem. Starting a chapter of Camp Kesem at Indiana University was a given. I was both inspired by the work of my sister and by the bravery of Camp Kesem’s children. Together, this led to the magic that is Camp Kesem at Indiana University.

I look back on my time with CKIU fondly. Our closing circle on the last day of camp was always very touching as it brought together the campers, counselors, and the campers’ families. As we sat in that circle holding hands and singing camp songs, I remember feeling a powerful sense of community. Not only has Camp Kesem given me beautiful memories to look back on, it has also taught me invaluable lessons about leadership, management, and communication. Creating Camp Kesem at Indiana University was a life-changing experience, and one that I will always cherish. “