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First two days of Camp at CK UR!

Hi Parents!


It was great to see you all at move-in and I hope you are enjoying the beginning of your week — We sure are!! After move-in, the kids made name tags and met the other campers and counselors in their cabin, playing name games, icebreakers, and creating cabin cheers before dinner. We had a campfire with smore’s which were a big hit with all of the kids before they headed back to their cabins for cabin chat and bed.


Yesterday we started our day off bright and early with breakfast at 7:45. Unfortunately it started to lightly rain at breakfast and continued off and on throughout the day. For the morning rotations we had the kids moving between Arts and Crafts, Sports, Drama, and Adventure Nature. The activities that the campers did included tie-dye, soccer / indoor relay games, making music videos / improv games, and archery / team building. After lunch, we had feet on bed time — a nice quiet time for both campers and counselors — followed by both pool and lake time. At the lake the campers had the chance to play on the water trampoline/blob and the zip-line (always a favorite for many of the kids). Dinner and a campfire were held again like the first night, including other activities like pictionary, jenga, twister, drawing, and color-tag. One of the campers’ favorite things to do is to make smore’s for the counselors… which also makes it one of my favorite things!

All of the campers seem quite excited and happy in the better sunny weather today. We have some new and fun activities planned that include canoeing, fishing, and a visit from a UR professor who runs a Taiko drumming group!

Lunch 8/19~

Water trampoline & Blob 8/19~

Zipline! 8/19~