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Fall Reunion– Counselor Blog

I’ve been told that Camp Kesem has the ability to “re-charge” you for the year to come. This past summer’s camp was literally one of the most incredible experiences of my life, but I didn’t think of it as re-charging at that point. After all, it was our first camp, so it’s hard to compare to anything else. After attending our first camper reunion, I finally understand how Camp Kesem can re-charge your soul.

This past year has been pretty typical with school and work, but I’ve been extra busy with my preparations to graduate soon and to hopefully attend graduate school. Leaving camp this summer left me in a euphoric state that has lasted for the past few months, but has died slowly as the semester has progressed.

Watching the campers enjoy themselves, and to see the community we have built in action was an enormous reminder of what we are constantly working towards. The hardships these kids face on a regular basis makes the issues in my life look minuscule. These kids are fighters and are the strongest people I know. They provide me with hope, but also motivation to make a difference in their lives. This re-charge I got at the reunion is going to motivate me to work even harder to ensure that our campers have the best week of their lives.

I can’t wait to see them all this summer!

Camp Kesem Love,
Sarah “Daisy” Adelsperger
Co-Chair of Camp Kesem OSU