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Camp Kesem Emory 2014 Recap!

The PR & Marketing team had the pleasure of interviewing M&Ms and Katraytray, two counselors who attended Camp Kesem Emory 2014 at John Knox Center this year. It was M&Ms’ third year at camp and Katraytray’s first year, but despite their seniority differences, they both had an amazing time! So what was your favorite memory […]

One More Month until Camp!

There is only one more month left until camp! I know you are probably feeling like this: That fact that camp is so close is still sinking in. The energy and efforts spent in fundraising, planning, and training has made this time go by in the blink of an eye. I am sure campers and […]

2014 Coming to a Close: Interview with Bojangles & Squirt!

Hello! Bean here. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Camp Kesem Emory’s co-directors Bojangles and Squirt. We talked about Camp Kesem, the leadership summit, cheese, Mr. Rogers, thoughts about this year’s closing, and hopes for the coming years. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed having this conversation!  Bojangles, you’ve been […]

Make the Magic 2014!

This Sunday, we hosted our annual Make the Magic, a signature fundraising event that incorporates food, a silent auction, and guest speakers. While our student leaders talk about Camp Kesem to friends and family (pretty much nonstop) throughout the year, Make the Magic is always a really special opportunity to share the magic of Camp […]

Thursday | Talent Show

The Camp Kesem talent show is where campers and counselors can show off their special talents in front of the entire camp. This year the talent show was held on the last night of camp. On Thursday afternoon, there was one final practice before the big show. All around the campsite individuals and groups were […]

Wednesday | Empowerment

Empowerment this year was a little different from last year. We started off making rain with our hands helped to set the mood of tranquility and reflection. Then we connected through a step forward activity where we were able to see how much we all really had in common, it was really eye opening to […]

Tropical Tuesday / Teen Lock In

Tuesday was another crazy fun day at here at Camp Kesem. We began the day singing songs and playing games in a camp-wide circle before breakfast. The jellyfish song led by our counselor Gravy continues to be a crowd favorite! More and more campers are having fun leading songs for everyone to sing. It’s great […]

Mountain Monday

Yesterday was our first full day of camp! And full of activities it was! The day started off with a super fun boom, as the table cheers from “morning spirit check” reverberated throughout the dining hall. The campers really enjoyed their activity rotations. At arts and crafts, campers decorated bandannas – great work, guys! Campers […]

Camp Kesem Arriving Day!

The day had finally come: CAMP KESEM 2013 – a time when everyone, including all counselors and campers are able to revert back to youth and childhood! Super. Exciting. After months of grueling preparation, counselor and camper selection, campsite hunting, and fundraising, we were finally going to be able to see our campers for registration. […]

Introducing CK Emory Counselor, F’real!

1. What’s your camp name? F’real 2. Year in school? I’m a rising sophomore. 3. Major? Human Health 4. Hometown? I grew up in Macon, GA. 5. How did you hear about Camp Kesem and what made you want to get involved? I saw Camp Kesem flyers and one of my friends tweeted about how […]