Our Staff

Camp Kesem Emory is made up of 12 very different, quirky coordinators who come together and work hard throughout the year to make the magic of Camp Kesem a success.

There are five committees (Development, Operations, Outreach, Volunteer, CIT, and Public Relations), plus two co-directors!

Camp Kesem Emory: Executive Board Members

Co-Director: Bojangles


It’s BO time! Bojangles is an exception to the rule “you are what you eat, from your head to your feet” because she’s never actually eaten from Bojangles. Another cool thing about her name is that people at camp pronounce it with a Spanish accent from time to time (Bo, Bojeezy, Bo-hahn-glaze). She’s been doing Camp Kesem for awhile now, but contrary to popular belief, she is not as old as the Blue Girls think she may be. You don’t have to say, “back in the olden days… no offense!” Also, quick tip: if you’re ever wondering what to get her for her birthday, you might want to pick from the following list: an otter (she loves these little guys), coffee flavored ice cream (or just coffee), more coffee, anything Christmas-y (because she goes BOnanas over Christmas), or a Pineapple Hat (her favorite camp song!).

Co-Director: Squirt


Rip it, roll it, and punch it. That’s Squirt’s motto, and this radical guy is always in high gear. He boasts that he can play every instrument in the world (just not that greatly), but he specializes in at least 8 of them (but he can’t play them at the same time… yet). His favorite day is Tuesday because it means that he made it past Monday, and he enjoys Jiu-Jitsu and rock-climbing in his free time. One of his best memory at camp was watching everyone play Capture the Flag in the mud last year (while he stayed clean). His claim to fame was being picked by a talent agent to be in a cereal commercial as a kid, but the show never aired. Nevertheless, if you’re lucky and stalker-ish enough, you might be able to hear almost-famous Squirt singing or humming his favorite camp song, “Brown Squirrel.” Be sure to get his autograph too. Maybe you’ll see him on TV one day.

Volunteer Coordinator: KerBear


Growing up, KerBear always wanted a Care Bear of her own.  Since she couldn’t own one, why not combine her name with Care Bear to create KerBear?!  Now she can be a KerBear for everyone else who wanted one!  Her favorite bear is BedTime Bear because after a long day of working on Camp Kesem related things, she can be found trying to catch some zzzZZZzzz’s!  Aside from sleep and Camp Kesem, KerBear’s favorite things are coffee and cats!  She is currently on an adventure to try all the coffee in the world while preparing herself to become the world’s greatest cat lady.

Volunteer Coordinator: Crumpet


Crumpet is a true warrior. Her co-counselor M&M’s is too afraid to go near bugs, and her girls weren’t exactly the nature type, so Crumpet was in charge of all the bug exterminating. She notes that the girls always screamed “like death was upon them,” while she calmly got rid of all the pests. Removing the frog from her cabin was one of the funniest and chaotic memories she has from camp. Other than camp, however, Crumpet likes listening to music, shopping, and chilling with her friends. She also owns a castle-print sweater and has no shame. She finished the entire Harry Potter series in 2 weeks and transformed from being a Twilight to a Harry Potter nerd. She loves Kermit Ball and the camp song “Little Red Wagon” because it involved screaming at others at the top of your lungs! Her claim to fame is her sarcasm (you can interpret that one however you want).

Development Coordinator: Fettuccine


There aren’t that many things that Fettuccine can’t do. He can talk like Stitch. He’s on the gymnastics team (which means lots of flipping and ninja-ing around). He skydives (in his imagination right now, but one day, he will). We still have yet to find a bigger personality than Fettuccine. When asked for his favorite holiday, he asked: “does my birthday count? When asked for his favorite body part, he replied: “all of them.” And when asked for any interesting skills, he gives us a simple, Fettuccine-like answer: “I am awesome.” If you’re wondering why his camp name is Fettuccine, I’ll give you a small hint (but don’t tell him I told you); his first name is Alfredo. Fettuccine’s claim to fame is that he’s been an extra in a few movies like The Hunger Games, so he’s got to meet Jennifer Lawrence. If you see him and shake his hand, you can tell people that you indirectly shook Jennifer Lawrence’s hand, too. As Fettuccine might say, it’s a two-in-one deal.

Development Coordinator: Jellybean


Jellybean is still deciding why he chose the name Jellybean, but he was able to narrow it down to two. 1) Jellybeans are a significant part of who he is and holds a special place in his heart. 2) No reason. Maybe you can help him decide? While he isn’t contemplating such deep questions and doing Kesem work, he is very involved in many things on campus. He’s the vice president for the a capella group No Strings Attached and the philanthropy chair for the AEPi fraternity. He hates country music, and almost-as-equally hates elbows because “they’re just weird.” Other than that, he has many loves! He plays guitar and piano, sings, and songwrites; he plays tennis, gold, Mario tennis, and is a self-proclaimed master at rock, paper, scissors.

Operations Coordinator: F’real


F’real?! F’real! No, F’real. Her camp name (which you should’ve got by now) comes from the brand of F’real smoothies and the fact that she just likes to say her name. A lot. Some of her talents include (but are not limited to) speaking Russian, shaping her tongue into a 3-leaf clover (it’s quite fascinating), and being able to write mirror image words with only her left hand (although she’s right handed). Her favorite game is Huggermugger, which is actually a real word in the English language (look it up!), and her favorite camp memories include getting to hear her girls sharing their stories and finding her family at camp. If you ever see F’real around campus or around camp, be sure to approach her and say hi! She’s a friendly and awesome person to have in your life. F’real.

Operations Coordinator: M&M’s


M&M’s got her camp name because—you guessed it—M&M’s are her favorite! In fact, she loves chocolate so much, she thinks it should be a food category. Fruit, vegetables, grains, protein, dairy, and chocolate. M&M’s loves popping out and scaring people, and her favorite foods are bacon and chocolate (of course). She has a very sarcastic humor and considers herself to be one of the funniest people she knows. Others might have their own opinions on her sense of humor, but nevertheless, she loves making people laugh and she loves having fun. Her favorite time at camp is having Cabin Chats, and whether it’s talking about food or boys or anything, she’s never had a Chat she didn’t love. Fun fact: when M&M’s talks to people speaking with a British accent, she accidently begins to talk with a British accent too. Any people with British accents out there?

Outreach Coordinator: Wobbles


Wobbles got her name because she wobbles when she walks due to her club foot. Weird talents include simultaneously whistling and humming to create the sound of an airplane taking off, wiggling her ears, and touching her tongue to her nose. She loves to draw abstract drawings, some of which were once in a Starbucks near her home. The profits from the drawings she sold were given to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Her favorite book is “The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles” by Julie Edwards because 1) Who wouldn’t read a book with Whangdoodle in it’s title? ; 2) A book by Julie Edwards, or rather Maria from “The Sound of Music”, can’t be bad; 3) It’s an amazing book. Camp Kesem is her favorite activity at school, and her first time as a counselor last summer was the best week ever. Her favorite camp song is the Banana song (“Form banana, peel banana, go bananas!!”). She is so excited to be an outreach coordinator this year!

Outreach Coordinator: Giggles


Giggles spends a lot of her spare time laughing. If she’s not laughing upright, then she is most likely falling out of a chair laughing, rolling on the floor laughing, or laughing so hard she’s gasping for air. If Giggles could go anywhere in the world, she would most likely choose to travel EVERYWHERE. If you don’t hear Giggles humming or singing a tune, then something must be out of place. She hails from Lithonia, Georgia, a town relatively close to the huge mass of granite, otherwise known as Stone Mountain. A perfect day in the life of Giggles would be set within the confines of her room in her pajamas reading nonfiction novels and listening to Ellie Goulding, John Mayer, or Laura Mvula. Surprisingly, the only camping she has ever done is in the vast green grass of her friend’s backyard. Giggles will eat almost anything besides bananas considering she is highly allergic to their awful taste.

Counselor in Training (CIT) Program Coordinator: Skittles


SKITTLES! (Taste the rainbow). Skittles favorite candy is, yes, Skittles! His favorite holiday and favorite day of the year is thanksgiving because of all the turkey and ham and stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy and gravy and gravy. He also gets to see his family and everyone he loves, too. He plays basketball and hates country music, but –to the ladies- he has a soft side, too! Yes, Skittles plays the violin. Skittles can’t get enough high-calorie food, apparently, and some of his other favorite foods include steak and pizza. His favorite thing to do at camp (you guessed it!) is eating good ol’ mac and cheese. He leaves you now with a joke; Q: How are Santa Claus and Skittles alike? A: They both have beards, besides the Skittles.

Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator: Bean


Hey, how you bean? Get it… Bean! Bean’s name comes from his favorite book, Ender’s Game (for which the movie just came out and he’s super duper excited about it!) When he’s not going crazy over schoolwork or Camp Kesem and other activities, he likes to sit in his room and play guitar and sing with his roommate. He is on the wrestling team, and he challenges anyone at camp (must be at least 5 years younger than him, he specifies) to take him down. Bean loves being wild and random and silly and laughs. If you have any good jokes, let him know! He’s always on the prowl. Bean also loves all food that is the following: 1) meaty, 2) sugary, 3) salty, 4) yummy. He is excited to be on board this year in this newly-made position and looks forward to the week of camp!