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E is for Expression

Admin did not have the same problem as last morning, because campers were steadfastly asleep when they made their wake up call rounds.


After units were dismissed individually to breakfast (based on who had the best knock knock joke and who could stack cups the fastest), we began rotations.


Adventure Nature prepared campers to hunt for the ever elusive Sasquatch (counselor Buzz dressed in a furry costume running around maniacally). Not only were their bodies trained by playing a fun game called ninja (ask your kids for rules), but their minds were sharpened by playing rock, paper, scissors. It was then that the Sasquatch appeared out of the foliage and kids chased him until he was defeated.


Older units went on a nature walk by the pond, and even saw a blue heron take flight across the water. “Thank you, nature!” The kids chorused. They also learned how to make a fire, collecting kindling and bigger sticks.


During Dance & Drama, counselors and kids did a meditation warm-up, watched some outrageous skits put on by both counselors and campers, and, of course, dressed up and practiced their dance for the talent show.


A new basketball court was completed this day, so after dodgeball, units got to play with the fresh new hoops. This was just around snack time, so some were quite torn between which activity to choose, although snack time eventually prevailed.


In Arts & Crafts kids continued to decorate their notebooks and started filling them up with great drawings. Some campers made wind mobiles out of sticks, and stick-people using yarn, markers and glitter on a popsicle stick.


The CITs and teens returned during lunch, and got a warm welcome, though they were visibly beat by their backpacking trips. Many didn’t speak much until after chowing down and showering. Afterwards CITs joined their respective units.


Water Activities was a time of great relief from the heat, and kids and counselors alike greatly appreciated the sprinklers, water hoses, slip n slides, and water guns. And if that wasn’t enough water, some units went to their swimming rotation right after. It’s a wonder we didn’t see more prunes walking about!


Campers were happy to be with their CITs again, and the counselors were happy for their company and an extra hand (spirits are still high among all counselors, we’ll see how they are mid-week and beyond).


After dinner each group had an initiation ceremony, unique to their unit, to officially accept campers and CITs into their units. Although some kids were wary of being blindfolded and led on a trust walk, they seemed relieved once they were sure they were now truly a team.


Closing Circle followed this activity, then cabin chat and lights out.