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E is for Empathy

The day started quite early for those who went on the polar bear swim at 6AM in the swimming pool. If you want pictures of that you can ask someone else.


After breakfast everyone gathered under the large tent on the field to watch our special guest performer this year, Wild Wonders. It was a show exhibiting rare animals from different parts of the world, as well as an education on why they are important to our ecosystem and why we should take care to stay green so their habitats don’t get destroyed. Amongst these animals were an African porcupine, an owl, a “honey bear,” an alligator, and many more. If they were picked, some kids even got to pet these animals, although Admin Wonster was the only one to pet the animal that’s fur smells like popcorn (seriously. popcorn).


Once we all thanked Kathleen for her time in showing us her wild animals we had a free rotation until lunch. Kids could choose to go fishing, do arts & crafts, play sports, go swimming, do the ropes course, etc.


Following lunch was again a sort of free rotation, with little hill kids (younger units) having games on the field, and big hill kids having chill time.


Next was the empowerment program; a time where the entire camp gets together and writes or draws what Camp Kesem means to them. Once everyone was finished a handful of campers and counselors shared their personal stories and how much camp has meant to them.


Kids who have lost a parent went to the parent memorial afterwards. Each person was accompanied by a counselor they had asked.


We had a themed “Under the Sea” dinner that night, then a dance party outside that went on until dark. Units were called one by one to the campfire to make banana boats (a banana sliced open, stuffed with chocolate and marshmallows, and baked in tinfoil by the fire). After everyone had had one or two we watched a slideshow of all this week’s pictures from camp.


Units split off to have cabin chats after Closing Circle, then finally fell into bed after a long, heavy day.