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First Day of Camp!!!

If you had never heard of Bourbon, MO, it was officially put on the map today. Families were pulling into Camp Mihaska, the official host camp site of Camp Kesem Mizzou 2012, around 2:00 and the magic was in the air. As campers chose their new names for the week (some examples are Fluffy Unicorn, Humming Bird and Dark Knight), the counselors were giving tours to our new Kesem families and showing off our wonderful facilities.

The campers got settled into their rooms and got to work making their cabin contracts and rules that they think are important to follow the rest of the week. Some of the campers decided to take control of the air conditioning in their cabins making some of the rooms as cold as 67 degrees! Who said we couldn’t hold camp in the dog days of August!?

The next part of our day was UNIT TIME! The counselors and campers were divided up into their four units and had to come up with group names and chants. We now have… The Green Gators, The Blue Crew, The Red Rockstars, and The Yellow Starry Bananas Sun Shining Down On Dead Trees (yes, you read that properly–the names were all created by the campers and the yellow group, 6-8 years olds, decided to let everyone chose a name and combine them together so nobody was left out).

Once unit names were chosen and chants were practiced–it was dinner time! Tonight for dinner we had toasted ravioli, garlic cheese bread and corn. For those readers who are curious about any particular picky eaters — we had no problems! After dinner, the units got together to play games such as Charades, Ride That Pony, and Splat. Dinner time also gave us a great opportunity to practice some new camp songs together. The campers learned the Hey Burrito Song and the Form Song. This also gave the groups a chance to perform their team chants in front of the rest of the camp. As the entertainment came to a close, campers started heading back to their cabins to shower and get ready for cabin chats. The first night of cabin chats were extremely successful and counselors really started to get to know their campers.

The campers went to sleep chatting about their first day and bonding over the excitement they all had to start their second day of fun with their new friends! Some of the counselors shared the conversations they overheard including one room taking 10 minutes to make sure each camper took turns saying goodnight to everyone else in the room. Once the good nights and bathroom visits were over every camper was asleep by 10:00 and resting up for another magical day at Kesem!

We are so excited to start our first full day of camp tomorrow!

Camp Kesem Love,

The Admin Team