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Day Four: Superhero Day

Look! In the sky! It’s a bird… No, it’s a plane… Wait! No! It’s… SUPER KESEM!

Today was superhero day at Camp Kesem UGA! We wore superhero capes all day long, just in case we spotted any damsels in distress or villains up to no good while we went about our normal camp business.

After breakfast, we learned “The Winking Game.” In this game, we used our supersonic super hero eyes to stun other campers to the ground with just a single wink! Then we headed to our morning rotations.

First, we tie-dyed shirts, pillowcases, socks, and even a set of sheets! We ‘re all going to wear our shirts tomorrow, and we can’t wait to show them off!

Campers also got a chance to try their luck with bows and arrows at this morning’s archery rotation. Our superheroes looked the part on the field, lined up with their capes fluttering in the breeze and their hands on their hips. However, their archery skills were even more impressive than their outfits and poses! Snake shot an arrow straight into a wooden post. It was so deep that counselors struggled to remove it later! And little Monkey even shot a bull’s-eye!

Later, we went on a nature hike with a special mission (top secret, of course). Everything was going according to plan until an evil super villain kidnapped counselors Taco and Duck! It was lucky that our superheroes were around! In no time at all, they found their counselors and saved the day!

In the afternoon, our Camp Kesem superheroes were all about water. We visited the pool, canoed around the lake, and took quite a few trips flying down the slip ‘n slide. Every single camper was brave enough to take a turn or two on our gigantic slide today. Even Karl the caterpillar tried it out! We added a whole bottle of baby shampoo to make the slide extra slick. The added bonus to the baby shampoo was that after several trips down the soapy slope, our campers were squeaky clean!

Tonight was a special night for our superhero team. We broke from our usual routine of fun and games for Empowerment. This serious ceremony is a special time for our Camp Kesem family to reflect and share what camp means to them. At the end of Empowerment, campers and counselors lit luminaries in honor of our friends and family members affected by cancer.  The final event of the evening was releasing candlelit birch boats into the lake to signify the release of our biggest fears. It was a beautiful moment for everyone involved.

We feel so blessed to have our Camp Kesem family here to share in these experiences.

Camp Love and Ours,
Goose and Honey

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