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Day Five: Krazy Kesem Karnival

Thursday was Krazy Kesem Karnival Day. We started off the day in style, with all of the counselors and campers wearing the t-shirts we tie-dyed on Wednesday. Even Karl the caterpillar dressed up for the occasion, donning his very own caterpillar-sized tie-dye tee.

In the morning, campers took some time to write thank you notes for the generous sponsors who made camp possible this year. We also got a chance to give back to nature a little by supplying the local birds with some delicious homemade pine cone bird feeders. Then we all dressed up in the silliest costumes we could find and practiced our acts for Kesem’s Got Talent, our all-camp talent show.

Later, we all headed out to the Kesem Karnival. Kids snacked on popcorn and cotton candy from the concession stand while counselor Lightning crafted balloon animals and counselor Nugget painted faces (with the much-appreciated assistance of her apprentice, camper Monkey). We were visited by Esmerelda the fortune teller, who impressed all of us with her kooky predictions. For example: counselor Gravy was promised a good-looking girlfriend, camper Daisy was told the that she would never own any cats, and co-chair Goose was told to be wary of a “tragic pants accident” in her future. Campers played games and won prizes, participated in a pie eating contest, and even got a chance to pie their favorite counselor in the face! There was even a dance party! Our Kesem Karnival had it all.

After the carnival, we got ready for Kesem’s Got Talent. Every single counselor and camper participated in some way! Campers Monkey and Oreo performed brave and beautiful dance solos, while camper Paris showcased her beautiful voice. Counselor Birdie and camper Goldfish cracked us up with jokes that were so good they were bad. (What do you call an alligator in a vest? … An investigator!) But the campers were most entertained by the efforts of the boy counselors and the admin team. Our brave boys performed a flawlessly choreographed routine to the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way,” while the admin team did a creative number to “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. Caterpillar Karl even participated, serenading his girlfriend P the Pig Puppet with a romantic rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” We ended the night with everyone joining in, jumping on stage to sing and dance to “Breaking Free” from High School Musical. The talent show was pure joy defined, from beginning to end.

Many campers and counselors agreed that today was the best day they’d had in really a long time. Overall, our Krazy Kesem Karnival Day was a fun-filled day without a single low. We are so grateful for the chance to celebrate our last full day of camp in such a wonderful way!

Camp Love and Ours,
Honey and Goose

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