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Day 6: Coming Home

Hi everyone,

By now you’re all at home and your kids are clean, rested, and telling you all about camp. We had a great last morning at camp. We woke up, cleaned our cabins, had breakfast and sang “The Toast Song” (by far the most requested song of the summer), and then loaded the bus and headed home. We watched The Karate Kid, after many requests from the boys of every single activity group. Once we reached Emory, we saw parents there to wave and greet us in the parking lot. Everyone headed inside for camper awards (something new we wanted to try out this summer) and a slideshow before going home.

Thank you all so much for following our blog, and thank you for your support. You guys are the reason our counselors do what we do. The words of encouragement we hear from camper parents, the lasting friendships we form with campers and each other, and the stories our campers share with us throughout the course of the week are absolutely incredible. These kids have definitely changed my life, and I hope that we’ve had a similar impact on them.

Please remember that even though camp is just a week long, Camp Kesem is here all year long. Thanks again for everything, and we’ll see you all at the Fall Reunion in October!

Kesem Love,