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Day 5: Krazy Kesem Day

Hi camper families!!

To celebrate our fantastic week of camp, today’s theme was CRAZY KESEM DAY!…And it sure was crazy!! We did everything from shaving cream wars to COVERING our wildest counselors in whipped cream and chocolate sauce. After longggg showers, we got to see AMAZING performances from almost all of our campers in the infamous Kesem talent show! The acts were fantastic!! We were lucky enough to see future magicians, superstar singers, actors, comedians, and soooo many other amazingly talented kids. It truly was an infamously KRAZY KESEM DAY!! While we are all sad that the week has come to an end, the week has been absolutely amazing and will stay in all of our hearts forever. Goodness I’m gonna miss camp, my campers, and getting to be twelve years old again for a week…

With tons and tons of Kesem love,



At the conclusion of my second ever Camp Kesem experience, I have nothing but smiles and gratitude. I’m smiling because I know I’ll be back. I’m grateful because Camp Kesem will welcome me again with open arms. These kids are just as funny, just as talented, and just as energetic as any other kids, but they’re that much stronger because they’re able to share that beautiful positive energy with us counselors despite their family situations. Helping my 6 and 7 year old girls prepare for their talent show performance this afternoon, it’s so easy to forget that this week away from home might be the most carefree they spend for months on end. And it warms my heart. But what is even better is that the point of Camp Kesem is not for the kids to forget. The point is for them to laugh, sing, scream, and smile with one another knowing they were brought together because of their parents conditions. That they never have to sweep sadness or anger under the rug. That even when it feels like there is no safe space to deal with their emotions or that no one understands them, there is an entire network of children, counselors, advisors, and even camp nurses like the awesome Hershey’s that do understand!! It is so important for all of us to embrace the obstacles that make us who we are, not run from them. Elephants in the room don’t dissolve into the walls, they linger, like a lump in your throat. Cancer is not an end in itself, it’s just another way for us all to recognize our common human condition. We all suffer, silently, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Suffering is not our downfall. Failure to lean on and relate to one another, failure to humble oneself and support our neighbors, failure to see one another clearly is the only path to rock bottom. Thank God and the universe for Camp Kesem, an amazing avenue to make those connections, and to “lean on” one another as we explore our full potential.