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Day 4: Nature Day

Hey Camp Kesem families!

Today was nature day at beautiful Camp Dream! We started the day off with a fantastic breakfast that included yogurt, bagels, and the popular breakfast muffins.  Next, the entire camp, as one large group, sat in a field and conducted our “Empowerment” ceremony. It was an incredibly moving experience for everyone involved, as campers and counselors alike were allowed to share their favorite memories of parents afflicted with cancer. The closing of the ceremony really reminded everyone of the bond we share here at Camp Kesem, creating an environment where we are always here for each other. Next, we headed to the pavilion and had several options for the campers, including bracelet making, cookie decorating, and basketball. After meatball subs for lunch, we tie-dyed. Campers had everything from shirts to pillow cases covered in many colors of what seems to be pretty non-washable paint. Unfortunately, the weather restricted us from having a full game of kick ball, but the night ended on a good note – Camp Kesem held a dance in the cafeteria that was tons of fun. Campers and counselors boogied until it was time for showers and bed.


We all are going to bed remembering tomorrow is our last full day of a week that has gone by very quickly. We’re looking forward to going out with a bang.


Kesem Love,