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Day 3!

Our third day of camp began with a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes, oatmeal, and potatoes.

Day3 BP

It was a sunny day and everyone was excited to travel to the rotations. Today at arts and crafts we made fuse bead creations. The creative artwork included monkeys, flowers, and even picture frames. At science, the campers made lots and lots of green slime, which would come in handy later in the day. Then, we all had the chance to learn archery and go on a nature walk to find leaves and seeds.

After a delicious lunch of tacos we continued the rotations. Then everyone cooled off in the lake with a fun swim and had some time to rest.

After drying off, the entire camp gathered at the dining hall for some camp songs and a surprise. We were informed that the counselors that were on trial yesterday were actually framed by our science-programming counselor! All of the slime we made earlier was dumped on him as the camp cheered on.


Next was dinner followed by a gender bender fashion show. Selected boy counselors were dressed up as girls and selected girl counselors were dressed up as boys. Laughter resonated through the building as we all gathered at the runway to judge their outfits and see their acts.

Then we heard a touching story about warm fuzzies and spreading kindness, followed by a closing circle as we held hands and sang songs. It was a fun day and the campers headed back to the cabins to get some sleep! We’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the fun that’s to come tomorrow!

Warm Fuzzies,