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Day 2 Adventures!

Our first full day of camp was a BLAST!

We started off the day by filling up with waffles, hash browns and oatmeal at breakfast. The units then headed to Arts & Crafts, Adventure, Theatre and Sports for their unit time.

At Arts & Crafts today, Megasaurus helped the units Tye Dye their white Camp Kesem shirts and created pictures that show what Camp Kesem means to them. These pictures will be shared alongside the pictures from all the Camp Kesem chapters around the country.

The units got to take on the low ropes obstacle course during adventure time with Mr. B and had a blast trying to maneuver through the maze.

During theatre time with Cherry, each unit learned and practiced “We are Kesem” “Closing Circle Song” and “Lean on Me” which are the songs we sing during our closing circle time before bed each night.

Out on the field with Dini, the units got to burn off some energy with sports! Today’s sport was Kickball and Frisbee which also turned into adventures in the nearby forest to cool off in the shade for awhile.

The campers fueled up with Turkey sandwiches, chips and lemon bars for lunch before heading to our all camp activity—Capture the Magic (The Camp Kesem version of Capture the Flag). This was followed by the entire group playing Little Sally Walker and “Entourage” (which is the Camp Kesem spin on Rock, Paper, Scissors). It was very fun to see the Yellow group (6-8 years olds) create their own versions of this game to ensure a win.

Today was also the first day of pool time and the campers loved the giant waterslide, whirlpool and sprinklers. (Check out our Facebook page for some great pictures!) The counselors also led them in water basketball and volleyball games!

The units got to know their group members a little better during unit time this afternoon where they played the skittles game. Each member in the group gets a few skittles and has to answer the question about themselves that corresponds to each color that they end up getting—they can’t eat the skittles until they answer the questions!

Our exhausted campers took one last walk up to the top of the hill for closing circle time after enjoying a meatloaf dinner with peas and mashed/baked potatoes. Here, the campers got to sing the three songs they practiced earlier with Cherry and head off to bed to rest up for day 3!

With only one full day behind us, we have already heard many campers tell us they can’t wait to come back next year. One camper pulled a counselor aside to help him figure out how many years he had to wait until he could be a Camp Kesem counselor himself. (He has 12 years, but didn’t seem discouraged about that at all!)