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Day 2

Day 2 was one for the books!  The campers woke up excited for another long day full of.  After breakfast – everyone was excited about the bacon – we headed to our first round of rotations.  Activities today included planning for our Friday talent show, rock climbing, high and low ropes, zip-lining, kickball, mini golf, and tie-dyeing t-shirts.  The teens and yellow unit, our youngest group, had adventure together today.  It was really cool to see the teens helping out with the yellow unit and so fun to watch how much the younger campers look up to the teen campers.

After our morning set of rotations we participated in our first all camp activity of the day, the slip and slide.  We had camper races and the campers even convinced all the counselors AND nurse Flo to join in on the fun.  We got so lucky with perfect weather for it.  The blue and red units especially had a great time at the slip and slide.  Slip and slide built up our appetites and we headed to a great lunch kindly donated by Mercy hospital. During a little downtime after lunch we sang a new group call and response song that we learned in drama called “Razzle Dazzle”.  The campers caught on to it really quickly and seem to really enjoy it.

After that it was pool and FOB (Feet on bed) time.  The weather stayed warm and sunny for the pool so we made great use of our giant beach ball and water slide.  FOB time was surprisingly quiet today – all our campers needed a nap. We then transitioned to our second set of rotations for the day after a quick snack.  After that we had transition to dinner and songs.  McMillen’s donated Bandana’s BBQ for dinner – it was a huge hit!  There was also Kesem colored cupcakes for dessert. We’re so lucky to have so many awesome supporters that have been donating time and meals.  After that we split off into unit time and then our second all camp activity for the day, the BaKaw game.  The BaKaw game is where we all stand in a circle and say “BaKaw” in funny ways to the person next to you to try and make them laugh or smile – if they do, they’re out.  It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

We ended our long and super fun day with closing circle and cabin chats.  Today was way fun, we can’t wait for tomorrow. Can’t believe that our week is almost half way done.  More tomorrow!


Peace, Love, Kesem


The Coordinators