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Day 1-Welcome to Camp Kesem Stony Brook!!

We were all so excited to welcome our Kesem families on this beautiful August day. Our first day of camp began with a welcome breakfast at Stony Brook University. As campers began to arrive and meet the counselors, they were surprised by a visit from Wolfie the Seawolf, Stony Brook University’s mascot. Smiles, high fives, and joy spread across the group. Campers then hugged their parents goodbye and we were on our way!




Following an eventful bus ride full of camp songs, games, movies, and chats, we finally arrived at Camp Candlewood and met all of the families from Connecticut. We all filled up our bellies with wraps, pasta salad, and brownies amidst some good conversation. Then we all split into our cabins and unpacked for the exciting week ahead.


After we were all settled in, we learned some new camp songs and headed to the field to play all camp games. We started out with the sponge game, which quickly got everyone wet as teams tried to fill the bucket up as fast as possible. Hula hoop games and name games came next and we loosened up by shaking our hips to the left, to the right, to the left, to the right!









All that activity meant that is was time to put our feet on the bed and have some relaxation time. We then headed to the dining hall where we had a lovely Italian dinner and dessert. Now, it’s time to go set up for the campfire and s’mores! Stay tuned for a post tomorrow to hear about all the fun to come!

Warm Fuzzies,