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Day 1: Check In

Bonjour camper families!

Today was Around the World with Camp Kesem Day, and it was definitely a whirlwind of activity. We’ve all been anticipating today for what seems like forever, so finally meeting our campers was the highlight of the summer! The buses departed Emory a little late (around 9:30) but in no time at all, the movie credits were rolling (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on one bus and The Karate Kid on another, in case you were wondering) and the beautiful Lake Dream came into view. We unloaded, came up with cabins rules and camp names, and began our action-packed week.

We started off with an all-camp scavenger hunt. Major props to the Purple Group for dominating the hunt! Afterwards we had a snack and ventured over to the rec center for indoor pool time, played the most intense game of capture the flag EVER on the sports field, and rounded out our day with the very first campfire of the week.

Campers then did cabin chat and snuggled down in their sleeping bags. Sweet dreams everyone, tomorrow will be even busier!

Kesem Love,