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Day 1

Camp is finally in full swing!  We’ve been excited for this week since the day after camp last year.  Our campers arrived yesterday and we were thrilled to see a lot of returning and new faces.  After a fun day of getting settled in and meeting our units yesterday, we woke up this morning ready for our first day of full activities.  After breakfast we headed to our first set of rotations in our unit groups that we picked names for yesterday.  The Red Razzy Rattlesnakes, Orange Crush, Blue Booger Storm Butterflies, Hashtag Purple, Green Cash Monkeys, and the Yellow Hairy Royal Tigers.  Some of our activities for today included low ropes, Gaga ball, learning new songs and games and tie-dying t-shirts for the end of the week.  Our veteran campers did a great job of making friends with the new campers and showing them the ropes.  Our favorite funny comment of the day was when Pinky from the yellow squad asked if we could put bears in the Gaga ball arena next time. (Don’t worry, we said no)

After our first rotation we headed to our first all camp activity for the day, Capture the Magic.  Team Orange Crush/Blue Booger Storm Banans/Hashtag Purple won 6 to 4! Then we headed to a special lunch.  Today was Fluffy Unicorns 14th birthday!  Her parents, our faculty advisors at Mizzou, brought in 50 pizzas and tons of cookies to celebrate.

After our awesome lunch we had our first day at the pool.  It was perfect weather and we took quick swim tests and then had tons of fun in the whirlpool, on the slide, and of course with our giant beach ball.  We then had much needed FOB, or “Feet on Bed” time.  Then, after a quick snack, we headed to our second set of rotations for the day and then transitioned to dinner.  After dinner we had unit time where we played the starburst game in our groups – the starburst game asks every member of the group different questions that help us to get to know each other better.

After unit time we had our second all camp activity of the day – rock, paper, scissors chain.  It always gets very loud, intense, and fun.  It’s great to see the older kids and teens cheering on the little kids, and you can see how excited it makes them.  After that we had closing circle where we sing “Lean on me” and our Camp Kesem cheer. We then got ready for bed, had cabin chat in our cabins, and had lights out.

We had an amazing first day and great start to our week.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Peace, Love, Kesem

The Coordinators