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Countdown to CKCU 2013: 61 DAYS.

Hello CKCU Family!

We are so excited for camp and we hope you are, too! Over the course of the next few weeks as we draw nearer to August 25 when camp will officially begin, we will be introducing you to the entire Camp Kesem Columbia 2013 staff including the admin team, the unit leaders, the cabin counselors, the programming coordinators, and our professional staff. We have an absolutely incredible cast of characters and we hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as we enjoy working with them! Without further ado, here is our first introduction!



Barnard Class of 2015

Major: Art History

Position: Unit Leader

Why do I Kesem? To put it very shortly: the kids. It’s true that throughout the long year full of Student Support planning–counselor recruitment, interviews, training, fundraising–it is easy to lose sight of this incredibly tangible goal. But the aim of Camp Kesem is simple: to create a beautiful and transformative week for children who have a parent that has been affected by cancer. Something really special happened during that week last summer- the counselors and staff completely clicked, and even with only one day of training and a new and unfamiliar setting, we were all on the exact same page. Days passed in whirlwinds of jumping off the dock, crafting friendship bracelets, performing skits, and playing hilarious and entertaining games of mafia during Drama. It was during this far-too-short week last summer that the reason Why I Kesem became crystal clear. There is no feeling more thrilling, joyful, satisfying, or wonderful than seeing a camper respond with a smile to the sound of their camp name being called, or finally learn all the words to a camp song, or gleefully achieve that perfect golden crust on a roasted marshmallow.

I Kesem for the most mature, sensitive, and wonderful kids in the world: Camp Kesem campers. These children offer each other support in ways of which they’re not fully aware, but it’s clear by the end of the week that we have all moved one another, and we have all been changed. Camp Kesem is just special. It’s magic. I can think of no better way to spend my time than to help create a week full of unadulterated fun and joy for the most deserving children on earth. That’s why I Kesem.