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Counselor Training

Today we had another counselor training!

We started out with a power point presentation all about Camp Kesem from Nubbins.

We then did some team building activities. The counselors split up into two different groups and all joined hands with a random person. This created a knot. We then had to work together to get ourselves untangled without letting go our hands.

We did some introductions and said some facts about ourselves, and then we chose camp names. Counselors who already had their name were allowed to just tell us, but for the ones who did not have a name chosen, they had to stand in the middle until we all brainstormed up a name for them. As of right now, all of our counselors have a camp name! Check out our counselor page to check them out (campkesem.org/saintlouis)!

Our next training day is scheduled for April 26th.

-Old Spice