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Counselor Spotlight: Soprano

Baby SopranoName: Stefanie

Camp Name: Soprano

Major: Music, Biological Science


Why I Kesem:

When I was 9 years old, I lost my father to cancer.  I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by wonderful, caring people who did everything they could to empathize and be reassuring.  This didn’t change the fact that none of them could truly grasp what I was going through.  Even my mother, who was obviously affected every bit as deeply, was going through a quintessentially different experience.  Being a child and losing a parent to cancer, or even having a parent with cancer at all, is something you can’t possibly understand without having gone through it.

To the best of my knowledge, nothing like Camp Kesem existed at the time.  I was left feeling as though I was the only kid in the entire world having to endure such horrific circumstances.  I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have a support group of other kids my age with this experience in common.  It’s amazing how different the world looks simply upon finding out that you’re not alone.

Camp Kesem does exactly this: it brings these kids together and provides them with a community where they can not only bond over their shared experience, but have as much fun as humanly possible!!  I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of Camp Kesem and can’t wait for our second camp this summer!


A Little Bit About Me:

I never do anything the easy way.  I started out at Florida State as a Choral Music Education major (hence my camp name; I’m ALWAYS singing!!) and finished all of the degree requirements, with the exception of the final teaching internship, in the expected 4 years.

…Then I decided I wanted to go to medical school.  Oops.  I’m currently in my last semester of a 3-year whirlwind tour of the world of Biological Science (my second major) which would make me a Super Duper Party-Pooper Senior.  (Don’t steal my title, please-and-thank-you!)  I’m going to be applying to medical school this summer with the intention of beginning in Summer 2014.  I don’t have spare time (ever), but if I did it would largely be spent playing video games, attempting to play the piano, and looking at pictures of cute, furry animals on the internet.  (I may be slightly guilty of the latter despite not having any time to do so.)