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Counselor Spotlight on Roo


Roo Counselor Spotlight UO Our first Camp Kesem University of Oregon member in the SPOTLIGHT is…… ROO!!!! We have asked her a few hard hitting questions so we can learn more about one of our favorite counselors!!!! 

What is your camp name? Roo

What year are you at the University of Oregon?  Junior

What is your major?   Journalism

Why are you a member of Camp Kesem Oregon?

I am member of Camp Kesem because I have been to camp ever since I was five years old and those are some of the best memories of my childhood. So I want to make more memories with the kids who decide to come to our camp and hopefully change their lives and have them continue to change mine.

What has been your favorite Camp Kesem memory?

My favorite camp memory from last summer was seeing all of the kids at the end of the week perform in the talent show the last day of camp. The kids had bonded so much that by the end of camp they had no problem getting up on stage in front of everyone which was very heart warming. Finally, cabin chats that we had each night were so special because we able to connect with the kids on a whole other level making the experience even more of a magical experience.

Thank you, Roo!!!! We look forward to seeing you back at Camp Collins YMCA this Summer for your 2nd year of camp!!! WOOOOOOHOOO!

Stay tuned for our next Counselor Spotlight!!!