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Counselor Spotlight: Lady

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Name: Claire

Camp Name: Lady

Major: Communication Science and Disorders


Why I Kesem:

In August 2012, I lost my big brother, Adam, to brain cancer. Adam had been diagnosed when he was 16 years old; he lived to be 22 years old. Living in a tight knit household with a sibling who was sick (although Adam never let on that he was sick; he was always full of life) made me realize that although cancer chose only one of our bodies to physically invade, it was affecting every member of my family. In walking through Adam’s journey with him, I too felt sick, but it was different from the kind of sick that Adam was feeling. And often, I felt alone, as if I were the only high school kid that was experiencing what I was. When my high school decided to put together a group of kids who were all dealing with cancer in their household, not only did I feel less alone, but I also made friendships that I believe will last my entire life.

I believe in Camp Kesem’s ability to bring joy to the lives of kids who have been affected by having someone with cancer in their family, specifically a parent. It is a great opportunity for kids to not only be around other kids that have similar experiences, but to make lifelong friends and just have fun! Camp Kesem is all about giving a week of worry-free childhood back to the kids! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.

A Little Bit About Me:

I’ve got my eyes on the prize! I am a 20 year old junior at THE Florida State University majoring in Communication Science and Disorders, on my way to graduating next spring after 3 total years in undergraduate studies. I spend the majority of my time attending class and studying and doing school related things, but when I’m not, I really enjoy watching the Food Network (maybe HGTV or Travel Channel), eating, exercising (when I’m not sleeping instead), communicating with my family (all of whom I love incredibly), and planning my next mini vacation, whether it be to the beach (I’m a Florida girl) or anywhere else!