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Counselor Reflection by Spirit

“I do Kesem because here, you truly witness magic.  For me, Kesem has become more than just a camp, it has turned into a lifestyle.  Kesem this, Kesem that.  You grow into this state of obsession where nothing else compares to the intense enthusiasm and passion we discover that pushes us to make Kesem unforgettable.  It is in the moments when you witness the overload of joy amongst the campers after simply singing a camp song that keeps you determined.  So diligent and small but yet so strong.  These kids have to face something that most kids their age don’t even know exist, and to be able to share their happiness in the midst of it all is so humbling.  It encourages me to believe that you can still find courage and strength in the depths of worry and tribulation.  It brings out my passion to experience everything wholeheartedly.  The kids and their parents are walking miracles.  I wish I could communicate to others just how special Kesem is.  I wish I could show them what Kesem has created, a family with so much love and support attached.  Keep on spreading the CK love!”