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Counselor Perspective: Nom Nom

Camp Kesem was one of best experiences in my college career! In our five days at camp we did too many activities to count, like sliding and swinging into the Guadalupe River, perfecting our archery skills, riding horses and playing an infinite number of gaga ball games! We sang quirky songs and chants that would be stuck in our heads the entire day with “The Siesta Song” being hands down my favorite. Over the days, we truly became a family, spending virtually every minute together, eating meals family style, and having nightly cabin chats to reflect on the day. It’s hard to believe how much of an impact five days could have on a person. The campers formed strong friendships, created positive memories and were simply able to be kids again. Camp left an impression not only on the kids but us counselors as well! During that week, I laughed my hardest, cried my hardest, done more physical activity than I ever did in the past year, made too many friendship bracelets to count, and left with fond memories and a strong passion for Camp Kesem. I’m counting down the days until this years camp and cannot wait to see what great experiences lie in store!