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Counselor Interview: Sunshine

As we get closer to camp, I thought it would be a good idea to get to know some of our counselors both new and returning.  Today we have the wonderful opportunityIMG_3262 to hear from Sunshine, a returning counselor who spent her first her at CKIU in the purple unit.  Find out why Sunshine joined CK and what her favorite story from her first year at camp was below.

1. How did you hear of CKIU and what made you want to get involved?

I heard about CKIU my senior year of high school through another counselor. I was visiting IU’s campus during my spring semester and I stayed with an old friend who was already involved in CKIU and told me about how amazing it is. Shout out to Socks for getting me involved!! Once she told me what CK was all about I knew that if I decided on IU it was something I had to get involved with. At the student involvement fair during my first semester at IU I sought out the CK table and immediately got involved. I’ve been touched by cancer many times. My parents haven’t had cancer but other people in my family, close friends, and loved ones have had it. The summer before my senior year my mom was dealing with some pretty big health issues and my family was going through a lot, so joining CKIU during my first semester of college really helped me adjust to being away from home. It gave me a second family full of amazing friends that I hope to keep for life.

2. Of all of the amazing things about camp, what is your favorite part about camp?

It’s hard to pick one thing to say is my favorite because all of camp is so fantastic. I get to spend an entire week with the strongest, most amazing kids I’ve ever met in my life. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite part though, it would be have to be Messy Olympics (as long as I never have to be the counselor sundae…). My favorite activities were jelly Twister and the pudding balloon toss.

3. What is the coolest thing you have done as a part of CKIU? Camp activity, fundraiser, other event, etc.

The coolest thing I’ve done as a part of CKIU was planning the “Bring on the Magic” concert at Rachael’s Café. I really enjoyed reaching out to bands and planning the event. With wonderful help from Honey (one of the fantastic fundraising coordinators) I think we pulled off a pretty fantastic event. We raised close to $1,000 in cover charges, donations, and merchandise sales, which is pretty cool to me. For my first year as a coordinator, I’m very proud and happy to have pulled off such a cool event.

4. What is your favorite CK story?
My favorite CK story is definitely the Purple Unit skit from last year. Spidey came up with an awesome idea to make the theme like “The Wizard of Oz” so we had one camper act like Dorothy and go around meeting different campers who all helped her find the magic of Camp Kesem. On top of how adorable this was the wonderful counselors in the unit (Me, Giggles, Squirrel, Sugar, Baba, Maverick, and Spidey) got to act silly and be the wind, etc. All of our campers were adorable and really seemed to enjoy the skit just as much as we did.

5. For an interested new family, why do you think they should send their child to CKIU?
Plain and simple, CKIU has found the magic. In my life I have never before had the privilege of working with such driven, passionate, mature leaders. We all work so hard during the year to make camp a special week for these kids. For an interested family I would say that any child’s life would be changed for the better by attending CKIU. I see so much strength and maturity even in our youngest campers, and I know that CKIU is a huge part of that. If you want your kid to spend a week with fantastic counselors and other kids who know exactly what they’re going through at home, don’t hesitate to contact CKIU and send your child to camp. As coordinators, former counselors, and new members, we all do what we do during the year and put in all of the hard work that we do so that the children we serve will always have this magical week.

Where you are from? Indianapolis, IN
Major? Art History and Spanish with a possible third major or minor in Portuguese
Year in School? 
Favorite Food? 
Chili cheese etouffée
Favorite superhero or Disney princess? Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” because I spent a huge part of my childhood trying to figure out how I could become a mermaid.
Fun fact? 
I am apparently very clumsy. I have broken my left arm three times, every time because I fell off a chair of some kind. I really shouldn’t be allowed to stand on chairs anymore (any counselor who was at the CK Holiday/Ugly Sweater party will attest to that…).

Check back next month to meet one of our new counselors coming to camp this year!