Counselor Feature: Clover (and T-minus 16 DAYS UNTIL CAMP)

Today’s post features yet another newbie counselor, Clover (aka James). Enjoy!

I am very ecstatic to be one of the Camp Kesem Blue Boys counselors this year! I have been working as a Camp Counselor for high school age kids the past 2 summers, but I am most excited to work with younger kids for the first time since I was a youth football/basketball coach in High School. I am a late addition to the team, so I’m very nervous about working with a whole bunch of people I just met, but I know the staff, just like my campers, will be part of one of the greatest summer experiences I will ever have! I’m glad that Pepper Ann continually bugged me about applying for this job, because I cannot think of a better way to spend my August!


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