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Counselor Feature: Casper

Here’s the third  installment of our Counselor Feature series, where our counselors get the chance to talk about their Camp Kesem experiences. This week’s post is from Casper, one of our new counselors for 2013!



— — —

I am so thrilled to be a Camp Kesem counselor this summer! I always begged my mom and dad to let me go to summer camp so I could do all the cool fun things like go swimming, do crafts, and make new friends!  I would get so bored as a kid. I think Camp Kesem is such a good way to meet new friends, and knowing that you immediately have something in common is a strong bonding point for these kids. I think what I am looking forward to the most is spending a week straight of being silly and just plain having fun! That is what camp is all about. I’m a total kid at heart and I think Camp Kesem is a little piece of me trying to live my childhood dreams! Camp Kesem is such a good opportunity for these kids to just be kids, and gives them a strong support system to help them in whatever they need. I can’t wait for this summer!