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Counselor Blogs- Iceman

Howdy all, Iceman here.

533083_482057645146027_1149518138_nI’m the proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie graduating class of 2012 (Whoop!) and a 2 year alumni of Camp Kesem. If you’re reading this, you are probably wondering what Camp Kesem is all about. Well before I answer your questions, I have a quick QA of my own (since you’re new here and probably don’t know the answers, I went ahead and filled them in for you).

Why should you join Camp Kesem? Because it’s freaking awesome.

Why should you send your kid to camp? Because it’s freaking awesome.

Some of my best times of college, and my life and general, were spent doing something related to Camp Kesem. Through my first two years of school I couldn’t really find any organization that interested me. Half way through my junior year one of my good friends told me about Camp Kesem and suggested I apply to be a counselor. I’m forever grateful that he introduced it to me, and forever stoked that I could be a part of it.

Everything from the interviews (which were surprisingly chill and fun), to meeting my fellow counselors, to hang outs, to preparing for camp, to actually meeting the kids and doing camp, was amazing. Being a part of Camp Kesem introduced me to many of the good friends I have today. It helped me grow as a person. It gave the opportunity to do wild and wacky things I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. It introduced me an interesting and diverse group of people that I probably wouldn’t haven’t come in contact with outside of Kesem. And most of all I got to meet, know, and hang out with some of the coolest, and strongest, kids around.

The two weeks I spent at camp were some of the most rewarding times of my life. Kesem means magic in Hebrew, and Camp Kesem is indeed magical, a magical transformation. It’s a week of transformation for the counselors in that you’ve gotten a new name, done crazy and silly stuff all week, sang weird songs, been deeply affected by the kids’ stories of strength, and had a blast. It’s a week of transformation for the kids in that they too have gotten a new name, have a week for themselves to unwind and have fun, meet other kids that are in similar situations, get their stories off their chest if they choose, and have a blast.

I love this organization, I love my fellow counselors, and I love the kids. If you get involved, you will too. Get with it and be a part of Camp Kesem.

Keep it cool, keep it rockin’,

Wesley “Iceman” Gilmore

P.S. – shout out to my boys in Red ’11 and Purple ’12. Thanks for being awesome all week and singing Creed songs with me.