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Counselor Blogs- Encore

284868_482047668480358_299922552_nHowdy! My name is Victoria or as my campers like to call me “encore”. I am a junior early childhood education major here at Texas A&M University. Being at A&M has been a wonderful experience. Having two parents that are Aggie graduates I knew I was destined to be an Aggie. While being at A&M I have been a part of some wonderful organizations. However, I found myself wanting to be a part of something more and that’s when I received an e-mail from Camp Kesem.

After reading about what camp Kesem was about I knew it was something I had to be a part of. Working with kids is my absolute favorite thing to do, partly because I still am one at heart. So without hesitation I put in my application and said a prayer. Luckily, I was blessed and given the opportunity to be a camp counselor! I was beyond excited and could not wait to see what was in store. After months of training and getting to know my red unit girls (WHOOP!) it was time to go to camp. When our campers arrived I was so excited. Being that it was my first year I did not know any of the campers, and was beyond nervous. However, the minute I met the girls that were going to be in our cabin for the week I knew it was going to be a week I would never forget. Each one of our girls was so open about what they had been through and each girl could relate to one another in some way. It was so amazing to see such strength and support from a group of girls at such a young age. My fear of not being prepared or not saying the right thing quickly went away. After many nights of talking about boys, one direction, and fashion shows, we became more than just a cabin full of girls, we became a family. The week was unforgettable! From blobbing, to campfires, to dance parties and last but not least messy Olympics (my favorite), camp was defiantly the highlight of my summer.

I cannot put into words how much that week meant to me.  I learned so much from that group of girls than I could have ever gotten from any other organization. Losing a parent to cancer is something I have never personally had to go through. However, I cannot even imagine how I would deal with it as a 21 year old, much less a child. Camp Kesem taught me to be thankful and appreciate everyone and thing I have in my life. To all of our campers from last year I thank you for teaching me the value of family and friendship. Your strength and hope are what gets me through even the toughest times.  Each one of you is truly filled with magic. “Kesem” means magic in Hebrew and that week at camp was truly magical. I never really understood that concept of “making magic” until I spent a week with these amazing kids. The memories and friendships I have made will last a lifetime. I feel truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization. So for all you parents who are unsure about whether or not to send your kids to camp don’t be! Every one of our campers as well as counselors will make your child feel right at home! Our goal is to make sure that your child has an unforgettable week of fun! So sign up and get ready to be a part of something AMAZING!

God bless,

Victoria “Encore” Trujillo

Ps. shout out to all of my RED Unit ladies!! Love you all and cannot wait to see your beautiful faces this summer!