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Counselor Blogs- Darla

michellekaty-300x400Howdy! My name is Katy Bimmerle, but I go by “Darla” at camp. I am a sophomore here at Texas A&M, majoring in Education to become a middle school math and science teacher. Last year was my first year serving as a Camp Kesem counselor, and after spending a lot of my time with my fellow counselors and all the awesome campers I decided to dedicate more of my time to the organization, serving as the Community Outreach Officer.

The summer after my senior year of high school I was working as a nanny for a family in my town. It was my second summer working with this family, so we had spent a lot of time together and gotten to know each other quite well. One day when the mom came home for the day, she had tears in her eyes and needed to talk with me. She told me her breast cancer had come back, almost 5 years after she had been in remission. Because her children were so young the first time she went through treatments the drastic change that was going to happen in their life was going to be a hard one to adjust to. The difficult times came quick to the kids, and as an adult figure in their life I felt responsible in helping them cope. We kept a normal schedule as much as possible, while still trying to make the most of the summer time just like every other kid. It was hard to see them hurting so badly, I wanted to help in any way I could but it wasn’t that easy to do. I made myself as available and flexible as I needed to be whenever they needed me, it was the most I could do without getting in the way.

When I came to college I was constantly told to get involved. So when I came across Camp Kesem I knew it was a perfect fit. And I could not have been more right about it. Serving as a Camp Kesem counselor has brought me so much joy. The girls I spent my week with brought a smile to my face each and every day! I enjoyed getting to know not only the campers, but making lifelong friends with my fellow counselors.  It made my heart happy seeing all of these kids being so strong for themselves, their families, and each other. They inspire me to continue to reach out to others in any way I possibly can. I cannot wait for camp this year to see everyone again!

Kesem Love,

Katy “Darla” Bimmerle