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Coordinator Spotlight: Speckles

This week we are spotlighting our very own, Speckles! Last year, Speckles joined the Camp Kesem family during the second semester of the year as a Fundraising Co-Coordinator. She did an amazing job helping to recruit private donations to make sure Camp Kesem 2012 happened. Learn more about Speckles and her passion for Camp Kesem in this week’s Coordinator Spotlight!

Name:  Becky Weber
Camp Name:  Speckles
Hometown:  Watertown, South Dakota
Year in School:  Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s):  Accounting & Public/Nonprofit Management

How did you hear about Camp Kesem?  I heard about Camp Kesem from our PR Coordinator, Binx.

How did this become your camp name?  When I was four, I had terrible eyesight so I had to get glasses.  When my dad saw me in them for the first time, he said “Nice spectacles, Speckles” – and the rest was history.

What is your favorite camp activity? Even though it was super short, I definitely enjoyed our Dance Party on Safari Day.  I am making it my personal goal this year to make sure we have a longer dance party….or five

What is your favorite camp song?  It is tied between two.  I love “The Milkshake” song, especially when everyone does it in their best Minnesota accents.  My other favorite is “When the Green Grass Grows All Around, All Around…”

Where was the weirdest place you saw Karl Kesem during camp last year?  I can’t think of the weirdest place, but I remember him joining the Planes for their Counselor Makeover and Runway Show.  This was one of my favorite camp activities, and I’m glad Karl got to be part of the fun.

What was your favorite memory from Camp Kesem 2012?  The first ever Camp Kesem Minnesota Talent Show.  I was absolutely amazed by all the performances of our campers.  And of course, Butter and Muffin as MCs were perfect.  CK 2013 has a lot of tough acts to follow…

What are you most looking forward to about Camp Kesem 2013?  Getting to see all of our campers again, and welcoming more campers and counselors to the CK family. 

Explain your position in Camp Kesem. What role do you have? This year I am one of the FUNdraising Co-Coordinators.  I get to work with Scrub and Shazaam! to organize fundraisers throughout the year in order to provide a free camp to all of our CKers.  We also plan the Make The Magic event which helps more people learn about the mission of Camp Kesem.

Why do you CK?   Before Camp Kesem 2012, I would have never believed anyone if they told me that a week of summer camp could change someone.  After being at camp, I realized that I was wrong.  Being able to see the impact that camp has for these kids and their families has been the most rewarding thing that I have been a part of.  I also have been able to work with some of the best people that I have ever met.

What is one movie that will never get old to you?  D2: The Mighty Ducks – I left my heart at the Junior Goodwill Games

What is a quote/motto you live by?  I have a big canvas of rules to live by in my room next to my door that catches my eye every time I leave.  It starts off with “Live your Dream…”, and I definitely think that one is the most important.

If you could only eat one food all week long at camp, what would it be?  I would take a supply of Diet Coke instead…

If you could make any celebrity a Camp Kesem counselor, who would it be any why?  Aaron Carter, from about 8 years ago.  I think he would need to be at camp because our campers had NO CLUE who he was when Seashell and I performed the Aaron’s Party rap for them.  These kids missed out on a real heartthrob…

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?  I would want to live in London, even though I have never been.  I would thoroughly enjoy their weather, and I’m trying to live as close to Prince Harry as possible.

Favorite camp story? My single favorite moment was from a night we were putting all the Plane girls to bed.  Once we had them all tucked into bed, one 6-year-old turned to me and told me how happy she was she came to Camp Kesem Minnesota.  She said it was the most fun she has ever had, and she didn’t ever want to leave.  After I told her how happy I was that she came to camp, I had to go to my own bed so the waterworks could start. 


Stay tuned next week as we spotlight another Camp Kesem Minnesota Coordinator!