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Coordinator Spotlight: Hobbes

Get to know Hobbes this week in our Coordinator Spotlight!


Name: Pat Moffett
Camp Name: Hobbes
Hometown: Wayzata, MN
Year in School: Junior
Major(s)/Minor(s): B.S. in Architecture with a Construction Management minor

How did you hear about Camp Kesem?  I heard about Kesem through some friends who already were involved last year.  They said they needed more guys involved so I check out the organization and instantly felt welcomed and inspired to help out with the camp.

What is the meaning behind your camp name? Hobbes comes from my favorite cartoon, Calvin and Hobbes.  My dad introduced the series to me and I still re-read the comic books when I find time.

What is your favorite camp activity? Definitely had the most fun playing field games with the kids last year.  In particular, kickball and Capture the Flag had some special highlights for me.

Favorite camp song? Tough choice here.  I will have to go with the song that the automobiles and I created for the talent show.  It was long and lengthy but, very fun to write and perform for everyone!

Where was the weirdest place you saw Karl Kesem during camp last year?  Karl managed to get himself involved in one of the paint fights on Burrrrrsday. I definitely didn’t expect him to get covered in that stuff!

What was your favorite memory from Camp Kesem 2012?  I really enjoyed pushing campers to open up to everyone.  We had some campers that were shy the first couple days and pretty quiet.  By the end of the week they were so talkative and loud! I really enjoyed helping them break out of their shell and open up to the CK family!

What are you most looking forward to about Camp Kesem 2013?  I am so excited that we get to add more campers and counselors for next year.  I want to expand the CK family to be as big as possible here in Minnesota!

Explain your position in Camp Kesem. What role do you have?  This year I am an Admin & Programming board member.  We get to do fun things like monitor and track the budget throughout the year, set up the schedule of activities for the week, and we get to pick the Camp Facility out!

Why do you CK?  I had a blast growing up at different camps as a kid.  Each camp I went to, I had a special family that I could open up to and be myself.  Hearing about CK, I wanted to make that camp just like the ones I had growing up.  I want CK to be a family and network of people that these kids can lean and count on in the tough times, but also go out and have an incredibly fun time with, too!

Favorite camp story?  My favorite moment from camp last year…. I would have to say the cabin chats we had every night before lights out.  We had some really special talks and it was very inspiring to hear the kids open up and talk to us about anything by the end of the week.  We not only had some serious talks, but we had some pretty funny conversations by the end of the week!

What is one movie that will never get old to you?  Despicable Me and Wall-E.  Those movies make me laugh/cry every time.

What is a quote/motto you live by?  “Always be wanting to learn.”  To me, it means a person should always be experiencing and learning about things their entire life.  Whether it’s through travel or even just schoolwork, a person should always have an open mind to learning.

If you could only eat one food all week long at camp, what would it be?  Hands down it would be a pizzadilla.  It is a quesadilla but with pizza ingredients.  SO GOOD!

If you could make any celebrity a CK counselor, who would it be any why?  Well, we had a Justin Bieber impersonation at the talent show last year.  It would be fun to have him come so we could have a “Bieber” off between the real one and the impressionists this upcoming year!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?  I would live in Europe.  I have been lucky enough to travel there a couple times and I have enjoyed getting to know the culture and see the sights over there.  I would like to live there to keep seeing more things over there!


We are looking forward to all the great things Hobbes will be bringing to Camp Kesem 2013 this year! Stay tuned and get to know another coordinator next week!