Coordinator Spotlight: Get to know the operations coordinators

20131111_203452 (1)Hey everyone! We’re the operations coordinators, and we manage the budget, arrange transportation to and from camp,  act as the contact for our new camp facility, and plan and execute the entire camp schedule! Bubbles is a senior studying early childhood education. Her real name is Jessica, and this is her 4th year in Camp Kesem. Lily is a sophomore majoring in social work. Her real name is Britny, and this is her 2nd year of camp. Smalls (who is not in the picture because she is studying abroad in Rome) is a junior studying psychology with the hope of later studying occupational therapy. This is her 3rd year involved with camp and her real name is Meghan. We are most excited to choose a theme for this summer and to start planning the most fun camp yet! It will be a lot of work, but we are looking forward to having 2 weeks of camp for the first time!

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