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Coordinator Spotlight: Get to know Peaches!


CAMP KESEM 2012 439 2


Camp Name: Peaches

Hometown: Chaska, MN

Year in School: Sophomore

Major(s)/Minor(s): Rehabilitation Psychology



What is the meaning behind your camp name? I mean, who doesn’t love peaches?

What are you most looking forward to about next summer’s Camp Kesem? Swimming and Campfires

If your life was a camp theme day what would it be? Alice in Wonderland- I’d dress up like the rabbit that’s always late. Story of my life.

Explain your position in Camp Kesem. What role do you have? Make the Magic

Why do you CK? I loved camp when I was little. I believe everyone should get to go to camp. I love making that happen for our campers.



Favorite camp activity: Campfires

Favorite camp song: I Get Loose!

Favorite memory from Camp Kesem:  Definitely the talent show. Watching all of the campers come out of their shells and perform was awesome! Big Red and I had a blast being goofy. Lots of laughing!

Favorite Camp Food: S’mores!!