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Coordinator Spotlight: Get to know Coolio!




Camp Name: Coolio

Hometown:  South Milwaukee, WI

Year in School:  Second Year

Major(s)/Minor(s): Communicative Sciences and Disorders




How did you hear about Camp Kesem? My older sister, Sunshine, joined Kesem. She loves it and always talks about it. She told me to check it out when I was coming into UW as a Freshman. I checked it out and fell in love with it.

What is the meaning behind your camp name? I was trying to think of something that embodies my being…naturally that lead me to “cool.” However, cool is a silly name. So I picked Coolio.

What are you most looking forward to about next summer’s Camp Kesem? I just love everything about camp. I love being outside, hanging out with my peers, and hanging out with the kids. I love everything about it.

If your life was a camp theme day what would it be? Wisconsin Day, filled with Badger and Packer pride!

Explain your position in Camp Kesem. What role do you have? In Camp Kesem I am a Fundraising Co-Coordinator. I team up with my other coordinators to raise the money for camp! At actual camp I am a cabin counselor so I get to hang out in my cabin with my girls all day, all week!

Why do you CK? I Kesem because I have grown up seeing cancer in many different places. I am lucky enough to have not had a parent who has had cancer. I do it for all of the people that I know that didn’t have an outlet like Camp Kesem. I do it for my best friends, their families, my dad, and for all of the kids I meet along my journey in Camp Kesem.


Favorite camp activity: I like all of the all-camp activities.

 Favorite camp song: The Llama Song!!

Favorite memory from Camp Kesem: Last summer lighting the wish-lanterns was amazing.

 Favorite Camp Food: S’MORES!!!!

Favorite Memory of Karl: No matter where Karl is, amazing memories are being made. So, any memory of Karl is a wonderful one!